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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rakka Ryuusui chapters 7-9

Rakka Ryuusui Volume 1 Chapters 7-9

Download ch7-9, version 2: Mediafire, Rapidshare, Megaupload
Translator: TsundereYuriko, Editor: Kite (Tranquil Spring)
Special thanks to Mayumi of Transquil Spring for translation help on chapter 9!
Age Rating: teen and up
Genre: Shoujo Ai/Yuri, 4-Koma, Slice of Life, School Life

The next 3 chapters of Rakka Ryuusui are out! Join the girls for some dojo reconstruction, the return of their vertically challenged teacher, and movie renting!
Oh, and a trip to the bathhouse too. What? I should have mentioned that first?
Anyway. Enjoy!

This is a version 2 release. I fixed some errors in speech.


  1. Been waiting for this; it's much appreciated. Even more redundantly: Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the RR release! :D
    Anyway some things after a quick read:
    - In chapter 8 and 9, I noticed that Akiho addresses Minatsu as 'Senpai' rather than 'Sempai' as has been done in the previous translated chapters. Was this intentional? (I prefer 'senpai', though :D)
    - Page 56, left strip, panel 3: I think Mafuyu-sensei was supposed to be saying 'kyudo' rather than 'archery'
    - page 58, right strip, panel 4: Mafuyu-sensei's words " .. much better to get better and take better and ..." seems rather odd...
    Since the original text is "iya - sono ... byouin wa mazu ... iya jitaku ryouyou no hou ga - sono ... nee?", i guess the strange text is unintentional?
    - page 60, right strip, panel 1: I think Akiho was going more along the lines of "Uuu..." rather than "Er... Well..."
    - page 64, right strip, panel 4: I hope i'm not the only one who couldn't get the 'x4' without referring to the raws ... Maybe just keep the original x4, since it's not really a translation anyway?

    Ok, enough of that. Anyway I can't help but wonder... how many birds has Haruka has killed? And just how old is Mafuyu-sensei, and if she has ever been arrested before (for illicit drug manufacturing, for starters)... ;)

  3. Thanks anonymous!
    I'm uploading a version 2.
    The speech bubble with Mafuyu-sensei was a mistake. Thanks for the point out.
    The x4 meant that all 4 of them were saying it at once.
    I have been told "senpai" is the correct way to spell it. It's the same word.
    And yes, it is Kyudo, not archery, I know the two are different things, but my mind still mixes them up.
    That does it, someone else is QCing for me from now on!
    Uploading version 2 now.

  4. With "senpai" and "sempai," it's not a case of "correct" versus "incorrect" (unless you're talking about within a specific romanization system--"sempai" is used in traditional Hepburn, and "senpai" is used in revised and modified Hepburn and Kunrei-shiki). You can say that one romanization system is superior to another, or that someone is inconsistent in following a given system, but not that "senpai" or "sempai" is incorrect on its own.

  5. Just finished re-reading this volume... And it's pretty much as funny as it was the first time I read it.

    Thank you very much for the translation of this volume, it's a pretty entertaining read! :)


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