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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

News Update: February 2010

A happy early Valentines Day to everyone! Or should I say, I hope everyone has a happy one!

Wondering how your favorite Tsundere is doing? I-I'm just doing this update because I'm bored! Not like I like you guys or anything!

Firstly, Tsundere Translations wishes to introduce our newest member, Yuuna, who is a native Japanese speaker! Yuuna will be helping by checking my translations, and possibly doing some translations. We're glad to have you on board, Yuu-san!

Anyway, let's get to the translation updates:

Candy Boy 4: The raws are here! I'll have it out in English soon. Bet you can't wait! Hope Yi is ready to edit!
Keika: I hope you guys were ok with chapter 3. The story stays yuri with Keika and Tamae, but some creepy and crazy stuff happens. It only gets crazier. Chapter 4 will be fine, but 5 is crazier than 3. I translated 4 and 5 already, and Audio Erotica is happily editing them.
Nova: Chapter 4 is waiting around, translated but editor-less...
Speaking of Nova, AE found a Nova doujin written by the same author. We're gonna take a look at that.
Tenbin: Volume 1 is almost done! Dolor is getting 5 done, and I'm translating ch6. Naturally, we're moving on to Volume two!
Rakka Ryuusui: Kite should have the next release ready soon! Hopefully! School happened to Kite, so it may be a bit...

Comic Lily: I sent another script to Beotkkot. The chapter is titled: Yearning for Macaron. (Macaron is a french pastry thing) Let's see how she does! I plan to do more, but that's down the road.

And, coming up...
Hayate Cross Blade Doujins: Audio Erotica is getting a whole bunch of Hayate Cross Blade doujins in from ebay. My favorite series! We're gonna take a look and see if we want to translate some! Do I hear any HXB fans out there?
Hanabira 3: Ok, to be honest, I got stuck and haven't worked on it recently. With Yuu-san around, expect some progress soon! Hey, you guys have the complete first game coming from Count Pacula soon, so that's really cool! The Count is probably going to move on to help me with 3! Awesome! That means 3 comes out even faster!
Scape-God: This one looks awesome, crazy, and epic. It has a lot of dialog though. Expect that one to release slowly.

That should do it for now. I'm off to translate Candy Boy chapter 4!



  1. great, I'll waiting for your updates. keep it up ^^

  2. Here's a whoop of joy from my corner for some HxB doujin!

  3. YES! HAYATE X BLADE! You get lots and lots of valentine love. XD

  4. great news... thanks... xD

  5. Good luck with your translations!

  6. Congrats on the addition to your team, and thanks for the work, as always.


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