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Welcome to Tsundere Translations, a manga translation and scanlation group dedicated to Yuri and Shoujo-Ai!


#TsundereTranslations at Rizon

This is the Tsundere Translations official rules page. Content may be changed here at any time. Once set up, topic will link to this post.
As of the moment, I cannot be in #TsundereTranslations at all times, and file sharing has not been set up yet. I may consider purchasing a bot for file sharing, but that is down the road.
Currently, our OP list is:
Tsundere Yuriko
Audio Erotica


I need to discuss them with the other staff members. More rules are to be added, some may be changed.

For talking in the room, please abide by these rules:
1) No spamming, flaming, racist or derogatory terms, swearing, sexist remarks, threats, abuse in general, etc. Just don't be disrespectful and try to behave.
2) No asking to be an OP. I grant this privilege only to people I trust.
3) No linking malicious, harmful, or inappropriate websites and images.
4) Be polite, courteous, and respect others' opinions. Don't be a jerk is my biggest rule.

We are a yuri chatroom, so while that would be the main topic, I would assume conversations could go anywhere, to anime in general, world affairs, relationship advice, etc. That's all fine.
Just pretend you are in /u/, just without the trolling and porn site links. Don't talk about anything here that you wouldn't talk about there.

I would prefer if the chat room was not spammed with links. If you wish to link something relevant, that is fine. Linking harmful or inappropriate websites might be worth a ban.
Remember this is a chat room, not an image board. Save the image posting for /u/.

Breaking the rules:
Your first warning is a boot to the head, or a slap in the face with my trusty irc trout of death.
Your second warning is to be kicked from the chatroom.
After a kick or two of continued abuse, and you will be banned. Whether you can be debanned or not is up to the one who banned you. Basically, don't count on it.
Depending on the severity of your abuse, we may jump right to a kick or ban.

And Yuriko's Super Lazy Catch All Rule: (Because I am too lazy to write up so many rules)
Just pretend you're talking in #Lililiscious. Told you I was lazy!

File Sharing:
Someday soon I will either have an idle login or a bot on as much as possible to spread releases. When this happens, I will write a whole post of instructions that will be easy to follow for people new to irc.

For all of you who are IRC illiterate, here is a VERY easy way to join the channel.

1) Go to Mibbit.com/chat
2) In the first drop down box, select Rizon as your server.
3) Enter a nickname.
4) Enter #TsundereTranslations in the channel box. Make sure you spell that right and include the #.
5) You should be in! Happy chatting! Just as long as you are courteous, respectful, and have fun, chat away!