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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bleu De Ciel, Third Release!

Bleu de Ciel

Release Numero Tres!
Translation: TsundereYuriko
Editing: Beotkkot

Age rating: teen and up
Series: Sailor Moon
Tags: Shoujo-Ai

Mediafire for translation.

Hey people! Looks like I did a Shoujo-Ai this time. Quite a nice change of pace, ne?

Thanks to Beotkkot for helping me with some translation problems I had, and for the awesome edit! It's translations like this one that show how vague Japanese can be sometimes, so it's sometimes hard to get it into the right English context. But nonetheless, Haruka x Michiru forever!
The next translation is already done, (waiting for our editor) and my 5th translation is in progress. But I want to see some requests (and new unique page views!) people!

(Note: I did experience a couple hiccups in the translation... if you are bilingual and think I missed the mark, please let me know!)