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Monday, February 1, 2010

Assistant Denki Keika, chapter 3. It's a trap!

Assistant Denki Keika chapter 3

Translator: Tsundere Yuriko, Editor and Scanner: Audio Erotica (EcchiYuri)
Age Rating: Adult
Tags: Yuri, Seinen

There are some of you who may not be happy with the release of chapter 3. Yes, we seem to have some /d/ in your /u/. Before you download and read, a few kind words from our friend Admiral Ackbar:

Yes, chapter 3 contains Keika and Tamae pleasing a young cross dressing boy with a giant vibrator. 
For those of you no longer interested in reading, here is a summary.

Tsumugi is saved by the manga writer from some bullies, and decides to work for him. Tsumugi seems to be from a group called the White Kamikaze, which we no nothing about yet, but they seem to pursue Keika for some reason. But Tsumugi looks up to Keika as an older sister. Keika and Tamae go through a session of torturing information out of him. For those of you still worried, yes Keika and Tamae still maintain their relationship established in chapter 1, even in this chapter.

Manga Updates page.

I can already see all the hate comments I'm going to get.


  1. haha no hate comments from me, thanks for chapter 3!

  2. No hate comments either
    It was kinda hawt anyway
    lol, Thanks for da release

  3. thanks for the release , I'm going to speed foreword the unwanted stuff :(

  4. No hate. Just appreciate! :)
    We're all nice and kind here.
    Well, I am!
    Just keep up the good work!
    Glad you're still alive and releasing!

  5. At least we also got some sex between the girls...
    I guess we'll have more non-yuri scenes like this in the future chapters, right...?

  6. The fact the trap acted as a catalyst and have those two have better sex made this chapter forgiving.

  7. Trap... At least the story stayed purely yuri.
    As always, the story features quite a bit of fetishes. ^ ^

    Thanks for the scanlation, Yuriko + Audio Erotica. ^ ^

  8. By "hate" you meant "gratitude", then yes.

    This pretty much convinced me to start reading the series. Thanks for the scanslation.

    Also, the captcha for this post: SAPHY.

  9. I was a little wary when I started reading this chapter but in the end I found the crossdressing boy funny rather than disturbing. As long as he doesn't get involved in the actual sex and we get lots of Keika x Tamae goodness, all is well


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