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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentines Day

Firstly, for anyone who jumped on right when I uploaded, sorry about the slightly faulty upload. I forgot to fix the page numbers. Thanks so much to tiny who spotted this right off the bat. The new links should be more than adequate.

So, two releases on this very special day, Candy Boy chapter 4 and Yearning for Macaron, a story from Comic Lily. Audio Erotica may have Keika 4 done today as well. Quite awesome, isn't it?

Well... it has been a while. One year. I started blogging only one year ago from now, with my first release in March. I can't believe it has been so long.

While I have no special other to share the day with, there has to be some love in the air. So, I just want to say that I love you all.

I thought this was going to be nothing more than a side hobby. But I'm happy I have gone this far with the blog. I found a real interest, a great hobby, and not only am I learning and practicing Japanese from it, I have made awesome friends.

There was another reason why I started blogging. For anyone who started reading my posts right when I started, you would know I had a very... let's say bumpy... Valentines Day that was three years ago this very day. It's been hard filling in the void I had in my heart since that day. But the fans and friends who I have met through this blog have really, really helped me.

Your support and comments have kept me going this long. I do this half for myself, and half for you. As long as I have at least one reader, I will keep releasing until I drop.

Thank you for one year. Thanks for reading. Thanks for your support. =D

I- I mean, not that I actually like you or anything! I-I don't keep this blog up because I like hearing your thanks for my translations and making you happy! Baaakaaa! Baaaakaaa!! Urusai urusai urusai!

-Tsundere Yuriko


  1. Hello. When I read this article I've decided to finally at least tell you that I thank you for all releases you've done so far. Happy whatever you celebrate.

  2. Thank you, Yuriko! It's only been a couple of months since I got into the yuri side of manga and anime and finding your blog was just another way to feed this newfound addiction of mine. So, thanks once again! :)

  3. A Happy Holiday to you too!
    Thank you to everyone here for their hard work.
    I'm glad you're having a better Valentine's than before. =)
    Your dedication is really admirable!

  4. lol, the last part is pretty Tsundere.

    Thanks for all your job, y like this blog a lot. I'll keep reading you.

  5. "I have made awesome friends" <-I'm that "awesome friends" right? I better be!! ;D

    新年快樂和情人节. Much love to my favorite Tsundere. <333

  6. @Lele: You better believe it!
    @Shijima: I owe you a very special thanks, your scans for Itoshi wo Tome really helped me get started for real!
    @Everyone else: Thank you for your kind words! I'll keep translating and never let you down!

  7. Kind of late, but Happy CNY and Valentine's Day.
    I look forward to more releases!

  8. Jesus Christ, not your-

    Oh wait. It IS your personal blog. Carry on.


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