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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More releases from the Crazy Cat Lady!

Here is Chapter 2 of Morinaga Milk’s Mare along with a version 2 for chapter 1 containing a few changes for consistency.

Mare Chapter 1 v2
1200px : MF MU

Mare Chapter 2
1200px : MF MU

Raws : Anonymous/Internet
Translator : Audio Erotica
PR : Hitsuji-san
Editor : Tri
QC: Everyone

One thing that I should probably point out is that the main character Mare (Mea) is called Mare by everyone but the kana used by the demons she interacts with is a different spelling from the kana used when her classmates and teachers call her. After debating on changing Mea to Mare we are keeping Mare as the name used when we see the Katakana spelling (メア) and Mea with the Kanji spelling (芽亜).

As usual, editors are needed. Amnesian chapters 8, 9, 10 and 11 are currently being worked on and we still do not know when they will be done. Well all hope it will be soon!

If anyone wants to spend some money on delicious yuri porn, Mangaoh finally has the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo OVA as well as the new doujinshi novel and 3rd game reissue for international sale!!! Plus, if you order a copy of my personal favorite manga Shrimp Mayo from them you get a cute little post card of Ebisu-san to Hotei-san!

*Lele's edit* Hungry... Needs food.... *tum tum growls*.... Mmm Shrimp Mayo. Hmm, I wonder how shrimp with mayo taste like. Hmm...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

When I say, "I'd hit that!!!" ...

You'd say, "Me too!!!" (with your index finger pointing out Phoenix Wright style).

Candy Boy Chapter 9
1200px : MF MU
1600px : MF MU

Raws : Crazy Cat Lady
Translator : Bitch Slave for Chibi Boss
PR : Hitsuji-san
Editor : Slivery
QC : Melly, Dashd-sh1

This release has a J-O-B with a show girl style~~
Your favorite big boobies swimmer twin is gonna be a Ganban Girl, a girl who attracts young men to her parents' shop, or in this case, Yukino is gonna be a show girl attracting hot young studs to her J-O-B. Talk about being scandalouuuuss. Daaaaang!!!

Btw, is it me or does Yukino have huge knockers for being a swimmer? Don't swimmers have small boobs because they gotta work out their pects and such? Aah, I feel like such a perverted old man talking about these kinda things.... Only I would notice this huh? *sigh*....

Alright peeps, here is the deal: if you come work for me and be my awesome slaves, I shall reward you. What kinda reward you ask? Well I ain't telling ya! You need to work for me first then I'll reward you. This is how positive reinforcement works!! You do the dirty work for me and not only does your favorite manga come out in a timely manner, but I'll be happy and you'll get goodies... maybe you'll get goodies. Who knows. I can just work ya to death and pay ya in peanuts. ;'D

So holllaaa at yO girl- lele (at) tsunderetranslations (dot) com!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Em muốn đi ăn Phở không?

Tenbin vol. 1 Omake
1200px : MF MU
1600px : MF MU

Raws : Scanner whore
Translator : Poo-Poo head
Editor : Tei Shinra (no, Shinra is not related to FF7)
QC : Dashd-sh1 and Melly

This release brings you 4Koma from Tenbin Omake. It has been a while since there is a Tenbin release huh? Sorry this isn't an actual chapter but Omake is always fun nevertheless. Do enjoy and don't forget to thank all my slaves who were involved in the project. They need loving and someone who appreciate their hard work... cause I sure as hell don't appreciate... Ah! Crap, I wasn't supposed to say that out loud........ ;'D

Have anyone ever woke up with a stomachache before? Yeah it's never fun. Totally ruin my sleep!! I guess this is a sign that tell me I should be nicer to my minions and not overwork them. B... But bossing them around is so much fun!! I don't care how many stomachaches I'm getting, I will never stop harassing my minions. >=]
So, if you wanna be boss around by me, please drop your death wish at lele (at) tsunderetranslations (dot) com. I'm gentle to newcomers. <3

Other than that, play lots, eat lots, sleep lots and enjoy your back-to-school shopping.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yeah hi, I'd like to order some salted fish and shrimp fried rice please.

*warning* this release contain lolis and lotsa "Aahh..." and "Mmm..." (moaning sounds)!! NSFW!!

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Doujinshi - Nano X Fe! (Hikarito Mahou Koubou)
1200px : MF MU
1600px : MF MU

Raws and Editing : Audio Erotica
Translator : Onikun
QC : Chibi Boss Lele-neesan

So... Nanoha and Fate-chan in loli forms doing a few rub-da dub-dubs. I don't know what to say about this doujin so I'll leave the after thoughts up to you lovely readers. Just don't expect a Tokoharu (Sweetest Love, Koi Wo Shiyou) type of work.

Like usual, more slaves are welcome to join the team. I promise I won't work you to death. I treat all my minions with tender loving care. Oh, I am also interested in hiring native Chinese speakers with good to exceptional English skills to translate Chinese raws to English. =D
Ifcha are interested in being my slave, please holla at your girl at lele (at) tsunderetranslations (dot) com. I don't bite... unless you ask me to. =P

Btw, who here likes Salted Fish and Shrimp Fried Rice? If you do, don't tell anyone else but you're my favorite~~

Sunday, August 8, 2010


*edit* New manga alert!!! (scroll down)

Bloomer Blue Maniacs
A One-shot from Comic Lily vol. 1
1200px : MF MU
1600px : MF MU

Raws : Audio Erotica
Translator : Onikun
Editor : Slivery
PR : Javi

Hrrmm... I don't know what to say about this oneshot from Comic Lily. The main character is a flat-chested perv who has a killer passion for bloomers. So she goes through this journey to find that one smexy girl who wears bloomers. Or something like that. ;D

Yukemuri Sanctuary chapter 1 - Joint project with Tranquil Spring
1600px : MF MU
1200px : MF MU
*edit* In the 1600px version, it is missing page 18.
Page 18 : MF

Raws : Audio Erotica
Translator : Hitsuji-san
Editor : Kite
PR : Babelglyph
QC : Audio Erotica

Hot girls having hot sex at hot springs. 'Nuff said. :3

Be sure to thank Tranquil Spring for their awesome editing and proof-reading.

*New manga*
Mare chapter 1

Raws : Anonymous/Internet
Translator : Onikun and Audio Erotica
Editor : Tri
PR : Audio Erotica

For those of you who don't know, this is one of Morinaga Milk's (yes, that same lady that does Girl Friends) earlier works. And perhaps one of her darkest yet. How she went from drawing adult stuff to dark stuff and finally to Girl Friends is beyond me.

This manga isn't for the faint of heart. It contains rape, hetero, tentacles, gore, and of course yuri (which isn't til later). Most of you are probably gonna go Waaaaah!?! and Oh my God!! :O... but if you can stomach what I mentioned earlier, Mare is a pretty good read and it's different, but whether it is a good or bad different is up to you.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the first chapter. :)

If you lovely readers would like to see more of your favorite manga out in a timely manner, please join us~~
We are in need for moar editors, translators, proof readers and QC-ers. If interested, please apply at lele (at) tsunderetranslations (dot) com. We don't bite!! Not at all!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Midget loli and her awesome obsessive stalker power~~

Candy Boy: Young Girls Fall in Love, Cell Phone Chapter 2

1200px : MF MU
1600px : MF MU

Translator: Tsundere Yuriko
Editor: Slivery
Raws and QC: Audio Erotica

This week's release brings you another adventure of midget loli and her melon size boobies. Not only this time do you see her in a bikini, but you'll also see her foaming at the mouth and *gasp* perhaps a new romance that is not Kanade-senpai? Dun dun dun!! I wonder how Kana-chan will react when her beloved stalker is falling for someone else.

...Or I could just be totally messing with you. We all know Saku loves her senpai too much. But hey, when you're in an unrequited love for so long, someone else will come along and make you feel all happy and fluffy, and before ya know it, you'll fall for the person. Maybe the new romance will do the midget loli some good.....Or I could just be messing with you again. ;D

On a good note, Amnesian 8, 9 and 10 will be finished soon!! Please expect a triple release in due time. (finally huh?). =D

If you want to see more of your favorite manga out and on time, it would be very awesome if you help us out in either the translating or editing department. Please please please drop a line at leleburger (at) hotmail (dot) com if you are interested. We can always use the extra help. :]