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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tenbin wa Hana to Asobu ch3 and ch4.

Tenbin wa Hana to Asobu (It Dances With Flowers)
Volume 1 Chapters 3 and 4

Download v1 ch3-4, Mediafire, Rapidshare, Megaupload

Translator: TsundereYuriko, Editor: Dolor, Scans: Audio Erotica
Age Rating: teen and up
Genre: Shoujo Ai, genderbender

Chapters 3 and 4, a dual release! Youko adjusts to campus life, but there are always problems around the corner. Is Shuu's secret safe? And even at a school like this, are their hecklers and bullies? Find out!


  1. nice release yuriko :D i hope that i can help you :)

  2. great release ;-) can't wait for chapter 5 already. Keep up the good work.
    I really hope Shuu decides to drink enough of Youko's blood so she becomes a girl. I somehow fell like the story would be ruined if Shuu decided to become a boy.

  3. thanks for the new release
    there is one thing i dont understand
    at pg 85, chap 3, panel 3, the brother said "since i'm married, i have a different last name." but he is a man, so if he is married, is it his wife's last name to be changed, not his? and what if it is shuu who said that ;____;
    sorry for the bad anglish ;_____;

  4. That is a very good question, baka. While I am 100% confident on my translation, that still leaves the "why".

    My translation is correct. The original line is
    Try running that in google translator if you want.
    And "ore" (that first character) is a very male pronoun. Not even Shuu is masculine enough to say that.

    But let's think. Why would he have his partner's last name?

    1) Note the complete lack of black hair on the girls in this academy. The country this academy is located in may not be in Japan, and may even be fictional. It could be a custom in this country to take the wife's last name.

    2) It could have been an arranged marriage. Typically, if the wife's family has more power or influence, you may take the wife's name instead.

    3) He purposely used a different last name to help hide the fact that he and Shuu were siblings!

    4) You're assuming he's married to a woman. We'll never know!

  5. Also it's not like the wife taking on her husband's family name was exactly mandatory even in IRL Japan, nevermind now quite a few other countries. Customary perhaps, but there's naturally any number of reasons why some people would buck the tradition - here, obviously, to obfuscate the family relation from cursory observation if nothing else. Dunno how the laws around the world treat the matter, but I'd assume in most places it's entirely possible for married people to change their last names well after the union too if they so wish - and it's not like you couldn't legally change your name(s) to begin with in most legislations, anyway.
    The Wiki WALL OF TEXT on the topic is a pretty interesting read actually; search for "family name".

  6. @tsundere yuriko: thanks again for the explaination, now i can dream of another fictional world where i am surrounded by light-haired tsundere vampires 8-}

  7. Thanks for the release! I'm quite enjoying this manga.

  8. Thank for the great works, i enjoys this manga a lots...... ^^

  9. Have you sorted out the family name "mistery"? Fact is, not always women change their family name when they get married in Japan. People marry with a "family". there are many cses that a family has only one daughter, she has to get a husbund who lives with her family. In these cases man changes his family name to her family name when they marry. I thnk in the law, you can have any name when you get married - any means not even the real family names of the couple , could be something new. Law can change, so I don't know now.


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