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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More releases from the Crazy Cat Lady!

Here is Chapter 2 of Morinaga Milk’s Mare along with a version 2 for chapter 1 containing a few changes for consistency.

Mare Chapter 1 v2
1200px : MF MU

Mare Chapter 2
1200px : MF MU

Raws : Anonymous/Internet
Translator : Audio Erotica
PR : Hitsuji-san
Editor : Tri
QC: Everyone

One thing that I should probably point out is that the main character Mare (Mea) is called Mare by everyone but the kana used by the demons she interacts with is a different spelling from the kana used when her classmates and teachers call her. After debating on changing Mea to Mare we are keeping Mare as the name used when we see the Katakana spelling (メア) and Mea with the Kanji spelling (芽亜).

As usual, editors are needed. Amnesian chapters 8, 9, 10 and 11 are currently being worked on and we still do not know when they will be done. Well all hope it will be soon!

If anyone wants to spend some money on delicious yuri porn, Mangaoh finally has the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo OVA as well as the new doujinshi novel and 3rd game reissue for international sale!!! Plus, if you order a copy of my personal favorite manga Shrimp Mayo from them you get a cute little post card of Ebisu-san to Hotei-san!

*Lele's edit* Hungry... Needs food.... *tum tum growls*.... Mmm Shrimp Mayo. Hmm, I wonder how shrimp with mayo taste like. Hmm...


  1. Alright!!!! We got Mare here! >=] Thank you thank you!

  2. The series seems interesting, in a kind of hell girl-ish kind of way.

  3. Do want to order a copy of Shrimp Mayo, but I can't read the site :(

  4. @1st Anon, you welcome. Glad to know you're happy and is looking forward to the release. =D

    @Francis, yeah the series is indeed interesting. It's very different from Morinaga's other works. But so far, I like it and I like how Mare has her own way of justice.

    @Dash, hey slave, get back to work!!! I didn't give you permission to check out the blog!!
    Haha j/k. Minions gotta have their breaks every now and then right? =P

  5. Thanks for the chapters.

    Page 35 last panel and bubble needs a comma after "that"

    Page 42 first panel and bubble needs a hyphen for "Sensei" or for a better TS, move it down.

  6. Hey dashd-sh1 and everyone else wanting to use mangaoh. Here is a link that shows you how to register and order: http://natsumemaya.net/shopping_mc.htm Some of the screenshots are outdated but you can still figure it out with a little effort. Also the registration pages are in English although nothing else on the site is. https://www.mangaoh.co.jp/php/kaiin_touroku.php

    Just make sure you check the box that says you want to get whatever extras/give-a-ways are offered because it asks you this since sometimes the extra is a poster or figure and those can make shipping costs go up.

    If you need any other help just comment here, or catch me in IRC and I will do my best to walk you through the setup and order process.

  7. Shrimp with mayo tastes super good xDD *yummy yummy yummy I got LOVE in my tummy* >.< ♥ Mare is soooo cool I'm soooo happy that ure translating this manga =)

  8. @AE - thanks, i'll give it a shot soon.

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