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Friday, August 20, 2010

Em muốn đi ăn Phở không?

Tenbin vol. 1 Omake
1200px : MF MU
1600px : MF MU

Raws : Scanner whore
Translator : Poo-Poo head
Editor : Tei Shinra (no, Shinra is not related to FF7)
QC : Dashd-sh1 and Melly

This release brings you 4Koma from Tenbin Omake. It has been a while since there is a Tenbin release huh? Sorry this isn't an actual chapter but Omake is always fun nevertheless. Do enjoy and don't forget to thank all my slaves who were involved in the project. They need loving and someone who appreciate their hard work... cause I sure as hell don't appreciate... Ah! Crap, I wasn't supposed to say that out loud........ ;'D

Have anyone ever woke up with a stomachache before? Yeah it's never fun. Totally ruin my sleep!! I guess this is a sign that tell me I should be nicer to my minions and not overwork them. B... But bossing them around is so much fun!! I don't care how many stomachaches I'm getting, I will never stop harassing my minions. >=]
So, if you wanna be boss around by me, please drop your death wish at lele (at) tsunderetranslations (dot) com. I'm gentle to newcomers. <3

Other than that, play lots, eat lots, sleep lots and enjoy your back-to-school shopping.


  1. More Tenbin? I don't mind if I do...

    Thanks for this.

  2. I'm starting to look forward to your amusing comments as much as the actual releases xD

  3. @Swordwind, you welcome. Hope you enjoyed the omake.

    @Anon, haha thanks. Gotta add some charisma/humor to each release ya know? It makes things more fun. =D

  4. @Lele

    Hi, wow, never thought I'd run into a Vietnamese here :)

    Thank you and the team for another Tenbin release.

  5. Whoa, I wonder who on the team is Vietnamese. I could totally go for some pho :)

    And thanks for the release, you guys do amazing work.

  6. Vietnamese, oh cool, never know we had one. Ai là người Việt trong nhóm thế?

  7. Excellent! Glad, most of all, that the series isn't dead, since it's my favorite of the ones you're doing. ^_^

  8. @Mokou-tan, I would be the one but I'm not Vietnamese, I'm Chinese born in Vietnam. :]

  9. @ Lele,
    cool. I'm the same. I'm Chinese born in Vietnam. But I could speak both languages. That kind of cool to know.

  10. Awww I'm starting to miss Tenbin wa Hana! It's such a cute manga.

    "Anonymous said...
    I'm starting to look forward to your amusing comments as much as the actual releases xD"

    Your personality is just toooooo much! xD Those other scanlation sites are awesome, but dude. You like... have the most personality that I've seen. It's freaking hilarious! Just like your "midget loli girl with melon sized boobs" comments.

    hahaha omg I love it!!!! xD

  11. Lol Nice! xD
    Could also get some pho again ... but then - eating in Vietnam is the best x3 there is no missing of any ingredients - unlike here in germany U.U

    But then: Thanks for the release ;) and nice work :D

  12. @Everyone, haha you guys are too kind. Glad y'all enjoy the releases and my amusing comments on every release. =P

    And I can go for pho too. Mmmm... But I'm having hot pot tonight! Mmm... *drools*. Y'all know y'all want some. =D

  13. Thank you so much for your hard work! I really enjoy this cute manga. Waiting patiently for more!

  14. @lele woa, cool! you live in Vietnam, right?
    I am Vietnamese, but I dont like phở. keke~

  15. It, or rather, the title of this post came as a total surprise for me. Never thought that you (Ms. Lele) would actually typed up some random Vietnamese on this page, though I had doubt that you may be, well, Asian. Anyway, I like your sense of humor. It always brings a warm, fuzzy, and refreshing feeling to your posts. So, thank you =] .

    P/S: I'm a Vietnamese too ^^ , but I was born in Australia.

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