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Monday, September 6, 2010

What, I'm not gay!! I'm ECSTATIC!!! ='D

Oh man, we have boOoObieEeEs~~ Hubba hubba. I love boobs. They're so squishy and soft... Like marshmallow, but better. *squeals like a fangirl*

*edit* All links for Otome and Amnesian are now working. Please report should any of the links go Tsun Tsun on me. =\

Otome Senshi Lovely 5! ch06 - Joint with Kidneys

Raws + PR + QC + trying to be cool = Scanner Whore
Translator + Editor = Kidneys

Only one chapter left and we'll be done with the manga. No more marshmallow boobies. Tis muy sad ya know? :'(

Please be sure to thank Kidneys for her awesome translating and editing. And also thanks Scanner Whore, i.e. Audio Erotica, for working 3 positions.

And finally, after months of waiting, Amnesian chap08 is here - Joint with Sachiko

Raws : Scanner Whore
Translator : Javi and Onikun
PR : Hitsuji-san
Editor : Sachiko
QC : Mint, Scanner Whore, Melly and Lele

<-that position is hot~~ :'3

Please be sure to thank editor goddess Sachiko-san for her awesome help at her blog.

Perhaps it's me but I think Chikane's boobs get bigger with each passing chapter, kinda like Creo from Gurenki. Not that I mind 'cause ya know. =D

Everyone in Tsundere Translations would like to thank all the editors for their efforts in editing Amnesian: Tasha, Shaldra, Monkey, Bkot, Ryoko, Editorfaq, and Gracie. If I am forgetting anyone, I do apologize and please let me know so I will be able to give you proper credit. :]


  1. You had at least seven editors for one chapter? Is there a nice story behind that?

    Thanks :)

  2. @Swordwind, haha well with Kaishaku and all, it likes someone threw up on his manga and well... ya know. ;'D And it wasn't 7 editors for one chapter, it was 7 for 8, 9 and 10. There are probably more editors, I do feel I'm forgetting a few. D:

    On the bright side, 8 is done. All's well that ends well right?

  3. @Swordwind: I've edited a LOT of things (200 or so the past couple years) and this was easily the hardest. I can see why so many people gave up on it. It took me nearly 4 days to do, MOST stuff takes me a day at most if I'm focused. So it was no cupcake! :)

  4. @Tsundere staff= Thank you for releasing this chapter I am so dead waiting for this chapter

    I do believe Kaishaku's work is much for scanlators and translators to deal with as I saw some of their works one could say how could we get this right

    erm may I ask... why are you re scanning the raws?

  5. @Anonymous I've asked for 9-10 to be rescanned from the tankoubon to increase the quality of my work. The magazine scans require a lot of extra work to repair because the paper they're on and produce a lower quality scan.

  6. Thank you very much for the chapter of Amnesian, we really appreciate all your hard work you put into this, and waiting for the next ones

  7. I think we all owe Sachiko a huge round of applause for being the only editor to survive The Curse of Amnesian 8 (it also helps that the chapter itself was largely funny-ecchi instead of offensive-ecchi)!

  8. Thanks Sachiko.

    Call me curious, what seems to be troubling you in this chapter?

  9. I think I'm going to head to the bathroom for a while after reading the latest chapter of OSL.

  10. @DezoPenguin: Thanks, I'm honored! :)

    @Gummy: Nothing troubled me so to speak. Just a lot of the sound effect removal was tedious and a slow process(it felt slow to me anyways!). That's probably what caused so many editors to give up/take so long with this chapter.

  11. You guys are just sexily awesome!!! <3 Thank you everyone who contributed to this bomb-ass release! And oy! I LOOOOOVE the title of this post.

    CHEERS!! xD

  12. @Gummy, :O You naughtay naughtay person~~ ;D

    @3rd Anon, I know I'm sexily awesome. Thank you for reaffirming my sexiness. =D

    @Everyone else, glad everyone is enjoying the new releases. It makes me happy to be a part of this and thanks Sac-chan for being an awesome editor that she is. <3

  13. Wonderful, now we know that Chikane has much experience in giving blo*jobs and paizuri, that Himeko wants to be with Souma (and she's really in love with him, not like in Kannazuki) and we again have Chikane flirting with a boy and offering her breasts to him.

    I'm disappointed in you because I thought you were a nice scanlation group with many nice yuri series, instead now you shifted to male oriented het series which only purpose is to make guys fapping while seeing the supposedly yuri characters giving service to men...

  14. yahooo!it's finally out,the long wait is over..thank you for your hard work..i hope to see more chapters of amnesia soon ^^

  15. Thanks for Amnesian! I'm a girl and I've found the ecchi moments quite funny! (and this is after stomaching through an episode of High School of the Dead) And thanks for Otome Senshi Lovely 5 too! You guys are awesome!

  16. Thanks for the new chapter of Amnesian!, I am already looking forward for the next chapter!

  17. Ignore that post about them being disappointed. Theres more people happy that they finally got to read another chapter of Amnesian. I, for one, think the series is hilarious and seriously... there's no proof that Himeko LOVES Souma...yet... She just REALLY likes him..just like in KnM.
    I love this Himeko A LOT. She's sarcastic, witty, and just plain honest. Chikane is awesome..but her body is starting to look more and more like a hentai character. lol

    So has any word came out that this is a prequel to KnM?

  18. >Theres more people happy that they finally got to read another chapter of Amnesian.
    Sure, if you're referring to people who love het ecchi/hentai or males who fantasize about a "lesbian" giving a blo*job to them.

    What about yuri-loving people? Yamibo stopped hosting the raws, yuri blogs ignore it after the 4th chapter, 2chan's and 4chan's /u/ hate it, on shoujoai.com basically only Audio Erotica likes it, while even the 2 who were translating it (and who love KannaMiko) dopped it due to its horrible content.

    If you really think that this is a yuri manga then you're really really naive (or maybe just 13 years old...). Just look at the many promotional pics all having naked Chikane lustly looking at the reader (like the 1st volume cover pic), while Himeko is NEVER with her, Himeko's role is the one we see in the 2nd volume cover, the girl who always get stripped and molested by everyone.

    But I guess that the fans of this series wouldn't mind even if Chikane will ride the bear guy's di*k or Himeko getting anal raped by a random guy... (and that is what probably will happen soon, giving the content we've seen so far).

  19. I don't care about the content what matter the most is chikane and himeko is on there XD..

    We still haven't see the other chapters in this story let's just wait for the other chapter

  20. LeLe & Sachiko: Really? That's interesting.

    Anon going on a tear: I know this seems novel, but if you don't like something, you don't have to download it. If the staff of a site (or several sites) wish to translate something, and you respect the site for their other works, you should at the very least be tolerant of releases that you might not like.

    That being said, I appreciate a lot of what you're saying. This doesn't really seem to be a Yuri series.

  21. I agree. This doesn't seem like a yuri. It's more like...a badly written lemon fanfiction.. *sad*

    This doesn't even compare to Kannazuki No Miko. After the second chapter, all my expectations disappeared. I think this version, if you can even call it that, is hilarious - but that's because I don't take this manga seriously anymore. How can you? Unless it gets better... (Forgive me for my high hopes.) I just hope it doesn't get any more degrading for the characters reputation.

    Despite that, I'm still happy that I had the CHOICE to read it. So I'm hoping at least everyone can agree to thank the editors who made this available. Even if it's something you don't want to read. Editing isn't easy...

  22. Children, with all due respect, this isn't the place to argue why you like Amnesian or why you think it's all het fanservices and Chikane's a whore or whatever else. If you want to argue over frivolous matters, do it elsewhere. If you so much as to dislike the manga, please refrain from reading it. And if you do read it, please refrain from complaining when you know you don't like it. Why would you bother to download something you know you are not going to like? It just seems very silly to me. However, I do appreciate everyone voicing his/her opinions to me even if I do not like what some of you have said. I will respect you for saying it.

    With that out of the way, should you want to complain some more, go argue elsewhere and spam some other groups' comment box with your whining. Please don't do it here.

    To everyone else who liked this month's chapter, glad y'all like it and I'm glad it's funny compared to past chapters. Chikane is a hella tease.

  23. "Thank you", to all the editors that gave it their best shot on this chapter as well as 9 and 10! I blame Kaishaku for your loss!

    Big thanks to Sa-chan for making me squee~ like a fangirl. I never knew editing could be sexy!

    Also, thanks to our awesome translator boys and proofreader goddess for making it through these long chapters, you have my eternal gratitude!

    @Anon I'm the one that scans the raws for the Chinese scanlation group, so my raws are not up on Yamibo because I do not want them to be not because this isn't yuri. As for the yuriness of this...


    This month's Amnesian has NO MEN in it... in fact there is only one other person in the entire chapter besides Chikane and Himeko.


    Also, none of the members of TT are 13 (we just act like we are sometimes) and most of us are lesbians. Dirty, ecchi lesbians! Lesbians who love Chikane! And we scanlate because we love yuri. So while this may not be what you call yuri, for the people working on this project (that are 4 chapters ahead of you) it is yuri.

  24. thank you so much for translating Amnesia ^^

    @AudioErotica..does chapter 9 have some yuri scenes?i'm expecting there will be a progress in the relationship between chikane and himeko

  25. @Swordwind
    If this was a random manga I would have stopped reading it after a couple of chapters, but it is not, it's an "official" AU of one of my favourite series, so I can't help but "caring" about it and to continue seeing what happens, even if it's horrible.

    From the summaries I read, Himegami no Miko (the web novel) seems to be 100000x better and billion times more romantic and "yurier" than this ridicolous het-ecchi fest (probably because it's not written by Kaishaku...), but unfortunately only THIS gets translated. I wonder what that means...

    Ah, so the comments are just for thanking you and for 12yo lines like "*squeeee* I LUV this series!!!1111!!" while other opinions (even if motivated and expressed in a non-trolling way) are banned from here?
    You should add it to the rules at the bottom of the comments then, since I thought that "Please leave an INTELLIGENT thought about the post" didn't mean that we can't discuss about the quality of a series.

    @Audio Erotica
    >This month's Amnesian has NO MEN in it
    And to think that 90% of the yuri series have entire volumes without a man laying his hands on the yuri girls (and I'm not speaking only about the all-girls school settings)...

  26. lol! I think they took some of Himeko's height and threw it into Chikane's boobs. From what I can recall from the first 2 series they were almost the same height. I wonder why they made Himeko smaller this time around?:D

  27. @Anon, sweety, you must have misunderstood what I wrote. I never said I will ban your comments or I don't appreciate your thoughts. I have said before, I appreciated you voicing your opinions in an intelligent way. So thank you for not being an idiot. I will respect you for that. What I do not appreciate is you taking the time to download a series you know you are not going to like, then come back and tell me how ecchi the hetero fanservices are or Chikane's a whore AND telling me you are disappointed in my group for scanlating the series. First we have an idiot at Zefiberyl who said "I'm disappointed in you..." when they announced they were dropping the series. And now I have you telling me you're disappointed in my group. Lovely!

    I understand you're upset because Amnesian is not 100% yuri and we are a yuri scanlation group. So fine, you're upset and that's perfectly fine. But could you not be in the least supportive or tolerant of us scanlating a series because we WANT to scanlate it and because it is what makes us happy? Am I supposed to sacrifice my group and my happiness so that you can be comfortable in your comfort zone? If you want more fluffy yuri, we have Candy Boy. But if wincest is not your thing? Okay, we have Tenbin, Otome Senshi Lovely 5!, Yukemuri Sanctuary, Comic Lily and others to make you happy and everyone else happy.

    All in all, I ask that you please refrain from downloading or reading something you know you are not going to like then come back and complain to me about it. It's stupid. It's like going to McDonald and ordering chicken nuggets but instead of getting chicken nuggets, you got the Big Mac, which you hate. Rather than telling the cashier you want something else, you chose to eat the Big Mac THEN complain to them that they gave you a wrong order AFTER you have gobbled down the Mac. Does that sound logical to you?

    If you want to hate, hate Kaishaku. They are the ones who wrote it, not us. We just translated. Don't shoot the messenger!

  28. thanks for translating Amnesia hope to see more of your works more

  29. @Anon- Its like Maria-sama ga miteru is is considered Shoujo-ai but THEY HAVE male characters, they dont bother me because it is a twist on the story

    Personally, I prefer the story than the yuri and ecchi scenes... because it is the core of Amnesian

    So... you Anon, if you hate Amnesian then drop it and look for something else... there a LOT straight yuri in the net...

  30. **KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!**
    Lele-san is behaving like SUCH a Seme defending her group like that! <3 <3 <3
    It's so~~ooooooo sexy!!!!
    I could die right now just watching this! xD~~ <3 <3

    Haha and to the-poor-Anon-who's-getting-picked-on (lol), you are most definitely entitled to your opinion, but seriously though.... the LEAST you could do is respect the group's efforts in scanlating what they wanna' scanlate. 'Cause man, that stuff takes a lot of time and hard work. And then saying you're disappointed in the group? That like... sucks. I'd feel really bad if someone said that about me after working so hard on a manga =( Hate the manga! But don't hate the group. 'Cause the Tsundere group is awesome! <3

  31. @ the Anon who is squealing like fangirl with the comment:
    Lele-san is behaving like SUCH a Seme defending her group like that! <3 <3 <3
    It's so~~ooooooo sexy!!!!
    I could die right now just watching this! xD~~ <3 <3"

    Babe, if I didn't know better, I think you're the same girl who will ditch her boyfriend and be my slave. Which, of course, is perfectly and completely fine with me. I could sure use more slaves to do the you-know-what with. ;'D

    But seriously though, that lil comment really made my day. So if that was your intention of cheering me up and making me laugh, congratulations, you hella succeeded. So I thank you very very much and I shall bow down to you. *bows down* And thank you very very much for your undying support. :)

    I shall look forward to the day when you will join my harem of minions. <3

  32. Uhh...should I respond, or not? I kinda feel like I got told-off he last time I did.

  33. nice release, though I'm wondering how the heck does chikane's shirt stay glued to her breasts as censors XD

  34. uhm.. estatic...lol
    thx for the releases <3 'm sendin' lots of kisses to lele <3
    And to d anon who dislike Amn well weall kwnow that Amn is the black sheep in our big yuri-farm byt wadda hell if them enjoy doin it ya can chose ignore it or readin it/offering ya self to be a slave :D

  35. There's an extra file embedded in the file you download from MU for both Series's chapter.

  36. @last Anon, I downloaded both series using MU and I did not get that embedded file you were talking about. Are you perhaps talking about the macosx file?

  37. Just to be clear, since I have a major clit-on for free speech I will not ban, delete or otherwise censor any comments here. That being said, the intelligent clause still stands... although I am not sure how we expect to enforce that, but oh well.

    Personally, I do not much care for several series we are scanlating but I realize my opinion is my own as are all of yours. So please do not feel like you cannot voice your opinion here; just know that when you shake up a hornets’ nest you are bound to get stung!

  38. Thank you so much for your hard work *-*
    Please keep doing this amazing job, I'll be here waiting!! :* You guys are incredible!!

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