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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yeah hi, I'd like to order some salted fish and shrimp fried rice please.

*warning* this release contain lolis and lotsa "Aahh..." and "Mmm..." (moaning sounds)!! NSFW!!

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Doujinshi - Nano X Fe! (Hikarito Mahou Koubou)
1200px : MF MU
1600px : MF MU

Raws and Editing : Audio Erotica
Translator : Onikun
QC : Chibi Boss Lele-neesan

So... Nanoha and Fate-chan in loli forms doing a few rub-da dub-dubs. I don't know what to say about this doujin so I'll leave the after thoughts up to you lovely readers. Just don't expect a Tokoharu (Sweetest Love, Koi Wo Shiyou) type of work.

Like usual, more slaves are welcome to join the team. I promise I won't work you to death. I treat all my minions with tender loving care. Oh, I am also interested in hiring native Chinese speakers with good to exceptional English skills to translate Chinese raws to English. =D
Ifcha are interested in being my slave, please holla at your girl at lele (at) tsunderetranslations (dot) com. I don't bite... unless you ask me to. =P

Btw, who here likes Salted Fish and Shrimp Fried Rice? If you do, don't tell anyone else but you're my favorite~~


  1. Thanks for the new doujin! More NanoFate is always appreciated~

    Would it be fine with you guys if we make a cross-post of this doujin in our front page? We would add a link to this post and to your release.

  2. @A, of course. Go ahead and link the post/add the doujin to your site.

    Btw, thanks for all your lovely NanoFate works, especially Tokoharu. He's hella awesome. ;D

  3. Nice, thanks Lele. I'll make the post tomorrow, now I'm going to sleep~

  4. Hi, I just saw the doujin on nanofate.us and decided to come here a little XD
    Thank you so much for your translation efforts, it's always nice to see more nanofate, specially since I haven't seen loli Nanoha and Fate in new releases for a while now, even if it's in a pseudo nsfw fashion, haha.
    Wish you luck with your upcoming projects.

  5. This was rather soft for a NSFW release... Which is awesome in my books. I haven't seen the series, nor follow it at all, and this was a nice simple read.

  6. ...I am extremely sorry but...I can't resist.


    *goes to hide in a corner*

  7. Isn't in 'Fate-chan'? Cuz in doujinshi everyone calls her 'Feito-chan'. :o Or am i just blind? x.o

    But thanks for the release. :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Feito is the romanji spelling of フェイト (Fate) This doujinshi was originally a gift to me from the translator (Thanks Onikun!!!) and when he translated the script he used the spelling I preferred. Feito is also what Fate's name sounds like when pronounced in Japanese (check out the anime, movie or PSP game for reference). Since I did the editing and think it sounds cute like that, I left Feito in there instead of changing it to Fate.

    **Sorry my Katakana didn’t come out in the first reply.

  10. Alright, thanks for the explanation. :)

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