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Sunday, August 8, 2010


*edit* New manga alert!!! (scroll down)

Bloomer Blue Maniacs
A One-shot from Comic Lily vol. 1
1200px : MF MU
1600px : MF MU

Raws : Audio Erotica
Translator : Onikun
Editor : Slivery
PR : Javi

Hrrmm... I don't know what to say about this oneshot from Comic Lily. The main character is a flat-chested perv who has a killer passion for bloomers. So she goes through this journey to find that one smexy girl who wears bloomers. Or something like that. ;D

Yukemuri Sanctuary chapter 1 - Joint project with Tranquil Spring
1600px : MF MU
1200px : MF MU
*edit* In the 1600px version, it is missing page 18.
Page 18 : MF

Raws : Audio Erotica
Translator : Hitsuji-san
Editor : Kite
PR : Babelglyph
QC : Audio Erotica

Hot girls having hot sex at hot springs. 'Nuff said. :3

Be sure to thank Tranquil Spring for their awesome editing and proof-reading.

*New manga*
Mare chapter 1

Raws : Anonymous/Internet
Translator : Onikun and Audio Erotica
Editor : Tri
PR : Audio Erotica

For those of you who don't know, this is one of Morinaga Milk's (yes, that same lady that does Girl Friends) earlier works. And perhaps one of her darkest yet. How she went from drawing adult stuff to dark stuff and finally to Girl Friends is beyond me.

This manga isn't for the faint of heart. It contains rape, hetero, tentacles, gore, and of course yuri (which isn't til later). Most of you are probably gonna go Waaaaah!?! and Oh my God!! :O... but if you can stomach what I mentioned earlier, Mare is a pretty good read and it's different, but whether it is a good or bad different is up to you.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the first chapter. :)

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  1. thank you guys for these chapters :)
    kind of curious to see the next chapters

  2. @anon, not a problem. Thank you for reading. :]
    I'm also curious about Yukemuri Sanctuary too. But ya can't beat hot women having hot sex in the hot spring. =P

  3. Thank you very much!

  4. It took a couple days, but I finally added these to my Yuri round-up. Sometimes I see your releases on Dynasty first, and I don't always see all of the them hehe. Bloomer Blue was cute - It has a continuation right?

    Yukemuri was nice, but I still feel it was a little vague.

  5. @Kira, Bloomer Blue has 2 more chapters. Chapter 2 is in Comic Lily volume 2 and chapter 3 is in Comic Lily volume 3.

    Yukemuri was too vague and it moved too fast. Hopefully the rest of the chapters will explain more. :]

  6. How she went from drawing adult stuff to dark stuff and finally to Girl Friends is beyond me.

    Is the Yuri, no one can escape from the power of Yuri...

  7. Thanks a lot to translate Mare! I always wanted to read it in English since I can't read Japanese but just watch... Thank you very much ;__;

  8. till waitin' zettai to come out ..

  9. OMG! It’s MARE!!! First, THANK YOU for this! I’ve been trying to read this for a very very long time and… *sniff*... now you guys have translated it. T_T I seriously adore you Tsundere group! <3

    So thoughts... I'm impressed with the first chapter! I was afraid that it'd turn out like this manga I read "Chateau Rouge" (who knows, maybe later on it WILL?). But so far Mare's good! It's different -- spirits sealed in talismans. That's pretty interesting! I sure as hell know it'll get more intense later on but... I think I can count on Morinaga to have an actual good storyline with this and not just mindless rape, gore, etc. HOPEFULLY!!!! @_@

    P.S. I loved it when those punks got owned by Mea! 'Specially Ken and that chick!


  10. Thanks for your efforts, as always. I really enjoyed Yukemuri, and am looking forward to more. Mare was also more promising than I was expecting...

  11. I enjoyed Yukemuri Santuary a lot! and Mare seems interesting more because I had heard Milk used to draw some weird stuff but this wasnt what I was expecting. Thanks for all the releases!

  12. @everyone, I'm glad everyone enjoyed either Mare or Yukemuri Sanctuary. I was afraid everyone would "WTF Mate?!?! Mare ain't yuri!!! I don't want dicks in my yuri!!" But I'm glad to know there are a few of y'all that enjoyed the work. :]

    @4th Anon, you welcome and I'm glad those punks got total ownage by Mea too. =D

  13. @Lele- Well it does not bother me... if the stroy is nice even some parts are not yuri... I would forgive it...

    I prefer the story... and its my first Moriga Milk to read with

    As far I went.. "GIVE ME MORE!!!!!!!!!"

    by the way i like that woamn with the snake... its impresssive

  14. I *really really* love Yukemori Sanctuary, it's a good mix of shoujo romance and erotica ;) great pick!! I'm looking forward to see all the chapters scanlated. Bloomer Blue Maniacs is cute too,although nothing much happened in the first chapter, still it looks promising. Heartfelt thanks to everyone in Tsundere translations for bringing these series!!

  15. Who did you find in the trash can?

  16. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like Yukemuri Sanctuary beaers some vague resemblences with Octave. For one thing, the way Yamamoto seduces Icchan kind of reminds how Setsuko hited on Yukino, even though it was much more rushed to cover one chapter instead of three. Plus they graphicaly look alike, don't they? Not to mention when I saw the owner, the image of Setsuko at the beginning of chapter 7 pop up in my mind. That and Yamamoto's remark of her having an erotic past, for some reason, made me think that it could be her. Guess she finaly got her dream bath station. I wonder if these two series comes out in the same magazine, could be an homage to it's senpai.

  17. Just thought I'd point out, the Yukemuri Sanctuary page 18 file linked to above (http://www.mediafire.com/?a2shceckqjopefr) and the page 18 included in the Yukemuri_Sanctuary_c01v2[HQ][TT-TS].zip archive (at http://www.mediafire.com/?cnj24bxo8m495g5) are both just copies of the 1200px page. So then, do you have a 1600px version of that page lying around somewhere?

  18. @ last Anon, I'm sorry about the mistake. Sadly, I do not have the 1600px of page 18. I did, however, tried to resize the page to 1600px but it looked blurry and terrible. You might want to try asking Tranquil Spring if they have a copy of page 18 in HQ.
    Again, I do apologize for the inconveniences. =\

  19. Mare is a pretty good read and it's different, but whether it is a good or bad different is up to you.


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