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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yuri...? You mean REAL LIFE yuri?!

Love Noise - the Other Self: MF MU
Raws: Pinsel
Translator: Tsundere Yuriko
Editor: Lele
QC: Tsundere Yuriko
Age Rating: Hella R kiddos!!!

Another release? In just a day? My, this must be a record ya? =O

Alrighty kiddos, this ain't your friendly, fluffly release. This here is a straight up yuri porno but that doesn't mean it isn't sweet. And usually, we don't do much adult-rated yuri but this one I had for a long while when I first started editing for TY, and after a very very long while, I might as well finish it. Please don't expect any grand editing or cleaning, I decided to keep this plain and simple. Also, if anyone knows any good fonts for SFX's, please share your profound knowledge. I lack good SFX's fonts and I am in need for a good one or two. Thanks much guys. :]

Oh by the way, if you want to take advantage of an unsuspecting one, just spike his/her drink with Brandy (the liquor) and you're good to go. ;D

And another important note, for those of you who want a smaller image size for Candy Boy chapter 7, I have uploaded both 1600px version and 2000px version on the last post. Grab it while it's hot hot hot!!


  1. Yay! We finally got some HLS up in here! Keep it cummin' Lele-dono!

  2. It was quite hot, but a bit sad.
    However Mikako saying she'll be back again gives hope that they'll get together and the other girl wouldn't be so lonely anymore :)

  3. @AE: is that a naughty comment I sensed? =P

    @Anon: this oneshot came from a manga called Love Noise and it's a collection of yuri hentai, though I'm not sure whether this oneshot continues in the book or not. I would have to ask the person I got the raws from. But if there is a second part to the story, then the girls can be all happy and giddy. :]

  4. Ah so there's no continuation since it's just a oneshot? :( Thought I could figure out something myself, like who this other someone is who passed away, and if it's a She or He. Idou-san? I'm sorry for being such a dummy, but I still can't distinguish the gender of Jap. names. ^^ I only recently learned the honorifics and their rank order. ^^

    Anyhoo, thanks for the translation! :) And I'm so looking forward for Amnesian 8!

  5. I've never really liked SFX fonts, so my advice would be to put SFX notes under the picture. Thanks for the all your hard work!

  6. say, how can you read png files?

  7. @G.Evergreen-priv: Let's just say this "Idou-san" person is a girl. We don't want any males in our yuri now do we? ;D

    @Rowanator: Yar, SFX fonts are no bueno. But I recently got quite a few from another editor, so I'm happy. Now... I wonder who else I can bum off some more fonts. You can never have enough fonts. :]

    @2nd Anon: Your computer should already have a viewer program that lets you view .pdf, .png, .jpeg and etc... Just double-click on the files and a viewer should pops up. Hope this helps.

  8. @lele tanx for trying to help but my computer asked me to look for a program to open it and I just can't find one on my computer...

  9. @2nd Anon: That's weird. What OS do you have may I ask? If you have Windows, I believe the program name is Windows Picture Viewer. If you have a Mac, the program name is Preview. And if you have Linux then I can't help you there. I've never use the OS before so I wouldn't even know what to do.

    If all else fails, there is always this: http://dynasty-scans.com/reader/chapters/the_other_self

  10. @lele wait I had a mistake, I can read the png files in the "love noise" file, but not those on the MACOSX file thingy. am I supposed to not be able to read it?

  11. @2nd Anon: Ah, I know what you're talking about now. Don't worry about the MACOSX file. MACOSX is a file generated by the Mac operating system. It is a database file containing the small images displayed when you view a folder in "thumbnail" view (as opposed to tile, icon, list, or detail view).

    In simplest term, MACOSX file is the equivalent of a Thumbs.dp. You can delete it without worrying about anything. Hope this helps. :]


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