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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm gonna buy a gothic lolita outfit and save the world!!

Otome Senshi Lovely 5! Chap 5

Raw provider : Audio Erotica
Translator and Editor : Kidneys
Proofread : Audio Erotica

This Saturday's release is filled with hardcore lolitas, manipulated sex, saving the world, beating your masochist sister, and of course yuri. :]

I think it's funny how most of the yuri series revolve around a religious school and the irony behind that is that it's a sin to have a same sex relationship. Or so all those priests, Christian religion, your good old loving moms, and everyone else say. And it is also an irony that proper attire is required in a religious school, and yet these lovely otome 5's clothing are in such uninhibited detail that it would cause God and Virgin Mary to hit the bucket.

Nevertheless, this series is quite amusing and entertaining in its own way. I wonder where the author got the concept for gothic lolita and saving the world from... whatever it is they are fighting. *shrugs*

I should create my own Otome Senshi Lovely 5 too. We can scanlate yuri goodies together!! Come come children, let's dress up in gothic outfit and save the world (by scanlating yuri)!! Drop a line at leleburger (at) hotmail (dot) come if you're interested. =D


  1. This release was added to today's Yuri News Round-Up, which will be published later this afternoon.

    Thank you for scanlating!

    ~ Kira

  2. @Kira, thank you for posting the release at your blog. You're awesome. Hope you enjoy the chapter. :]

  3. You know what they say, it feels doubly good because it feels like sin.

  4. Haha well the Anglican church is officially fine with homosexuality! It's the most liberal of the churches and its mainly because of the current Archbishop Of Cantebury.
    But yeah all the other churches are terrible on the issue and the school in the story is obviously Catholic because most of the other churches dont really have nuns.

  5. Hahaha omg.... as usual, this series is..... interesting. =3

  6. @ 1st anon, hhmm... If sin is dressing up in gothic lolita outfit and having sex at a church then hot damn, I better join in on the fun. ;D

    @2nd anon, thank you for your knowledgeable input. I never knew Anglican church was okay with homosexuality. I figured all churches were a big no-no to the subject. Learned something new today. :)

    @3rd anon, yeah, this series is quite interesting. At least the art is nice~~

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