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Friday, July 2, 2010

As Far as Your Heart from Comic Lily 1. Also, some news.

As Far as Your Heart
A One-shot from Comic Lily 1

Translator: Tsundere Yuriko
Editor: Ryoko
Scanner: Audio Erotica
QC: Javi, Monkey
Tags: Shoujo-Ai
Age rating: non adult

Just a few one-shots from Comic Lily #1 left. Enjoy!

Alright, a few things to say.

First: Hey look! An update! We're not dead! Just really slow!

Second: New names! Ryoko will be editing a few Comic Lily chapters as well as volume 2 of Twinkle Saber Nova. You'll be seeing a lot of Javi too. Javi is our new translator and Japanese script QC-er! He will be translating a few Comic Lily chapters himself as well as become the main translator for Amnesian. And Monkey is making a guest appearance from Tranquil Spring. Thanks for the help Monkey!

Third: Twinkle Saber Nova volume 2: I am scanning it myself and we have a script done for chapter 4. That will be out as soon as possible!

Fourth: Candy Boy chapter 7. Script is done and is currently being edited. It was a frustrating chapter, but with Javi's help, we have a complete script. Just wait for the edit!

Fifth: Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian chapter 8's script has been done for quite a while, but one of our editors cleaning it is currently MIA at the moment. I have no idea how much the editor has done or when they'll appear, it's frustrating. I'm currently trying to track down Sachiko from Lililicious, who is willing to do it, but she is unavailable at the moment too. There are delays, but we'll get it out when we can. We aim to do chapter 9 as well... should it take forever expect chapter 8 and 9 out at the same time from Javi and Sachiko.

Edit: Finally: Projects Page has been updated. Link lists finally fixed. Please report any broken links. Thank you.


  1. yo, thanks for the release~!

  2. hey ^.^ Thanks for the new release! n the new update about amnesian !! ^.^ i will wait patiently!! take your times ^.^ hehe

  3. I haven't seen anyone translating Sonohana 3 right now, and I think that person might have gotten it confused with Sonohana 5, which is being translated right here. http://hanabirakun.wordpress.com/

    SO... DO IT, TRANSLATE 3 NOW!! (pureasu~?)

  4. Hanabira 3 should be top priority!!! :D

  5. yeah thanks alot~ :)

  6. Glad someone picked up Twinkle Saber Nova. That thing was a monster with its sfx and colored pages.

    Good luck everyone with everything!

  7. Yes, if you ask me the best news in there is that you picked up Twinkle Saber Nova! More Fujieda Miyabi is always a good thing (now if someone would just license MikoMajyo... @_@ ).

  8. Thanks for this! <3 Story was decent. Played its part in providing me with my yuri-fix for the day! ^_^

  9. As a matter of fast, "Hanabira 3" is only a "possible" project for Hanabira-kun (who gives priority to Hanabira 5 & 7), so u can do it, alone or with count pacula. :)

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