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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Midget loli girl with melon size boobs. ;D

Candy Boy: Young Girls Fall in Love, Cell Phone Chapter 1
Edit: version 2 (minor fixes, size trimming, addition of cover art)
1600 v2: MF, RS. MU
1200 v2: MF, RS, MU
Translator: Tsundere Yuriko, Editor: Slivery, Raws: Audio Erotica
Age rating: non adult

If I was a midget loli girl with melon size boobs, does that still make me a loli? Or by me having boobs forfeit my rights as being a loli? Hrrmm...hrrm.....

Question aside, this release brings you the very first chapter of Candy Boy cellphone chapters. No, this isn't another fake Candy Boy chapter you saw weeks ago. This is an actual chapter, albeit a cellphone chapter, from Candy Boy volume 1. The first volume contains four cellphone chapters, this being the first one. Think of these cellphone chapters as mini bonus story, which it is really because this chapter focuses on Sakuya, the little midget loli girl with melon size boobs. Oh, and an obsessive and stalker loli to boot. But Sakuya is just too adorable to cast aside. She's too devoted to Kanada-chan and will do absolutely anything and everything to be with her senpai. And when I say anything and everything, I mean anything and everything. Y'all know what I'm talking about right? ;D

Announcement: Tsundere Translations is no longer working on Sono 3. Hanabirakun have decided to pick up the project and will work on it once they're are done with Sono 7. Please give them your full support and please look forward to their hard work. :]

*Edit* There is a new revised edition of both 1200px and 1600px. I apologized for any inconveniences.


  1. Oh My God. Did you work on Hanabira 3 at all the past 7 months? If so, will you give all the things you did with the project and hand it over to Tsukimori?


    haha it's no problem about Hanabira. It IS a shame, but hey, ya'll don't needa' take it upon yourselves to do all the translating. Especially when you have other things to do. I'm sure someone will definitely take care of Hanabira soon enough. XD

  3. The only thing I used to care about Sonohana games are CG packs ;)

    Also thanks for this cell phone CB manga, first chapter of Sakuya adventure was more interesting than first chapter of CB manga for me ;)

  4. @Phro, I'm very sorry for getting your hopes up to only get it shot right down. Please excuse Tsundere Translations and our relapses. I hope this does not shy you away from reading the blog. I do hope you'll continue to support us by checking out our manga releases. Again, I am very sorry for the troubles.

    @1st and 2nd Anon, Thank you very much for your understandings. It is a shame that we can no longer continue Sono 3, but I'm glad Hanabirakun is picking it up after he is done with Sono 7. Epic win for him!!

    And I'm glad y'all enjoyed the cell phone chapter. I also found Sakuya chapter to be more humorous and adorable than the first chapter of the actual Candy Boy manga. :]

  5. I will still check your site regularly, you peeps are still very awesome. Life happens, totally understandable.

  6. i want a kanade's pillow like that

  7. How come there are two editions? Was there a standard edition release before?

  8. @anonymous
    The previous release was incomplete. It had none of the cover pages, just the pages with dialogue. And the pages weren't compressed and the font wasn't smooth...all anal-stuff that I completely forgot to do beforehand.

  9. It's up to you. Now, let's incitate Hanabira-kun to translate SH 3 with SH 5...

  10. @ Delaverno you can get the official one here: http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B001B6ROIS/

  11. "Midget loli girl with melon size boobs. ;D "

    Haha I swear, every time I see this, it always makes me laugh. It's just... the way you put it. lol it's hilarious XD

  12. Regarding the question, I'll go with a tentative "No"...

    Regarding the dropped project, don't worry about it: Real life is definitively more important! Okay, I'll admit that I'd be mildly upset if Rakka Ryuusui was dropped, but hey, real life still takes precedence!

    Thank you for the translations!


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