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Monday, July 12, 2010

Who's this?! =O

Candy Boy chapter 7: MF, RS, MU
1600px version: MF
2000px version: MF
TL: Yuriko, QC: Javi, Edit: Lele, Scans: Audio Erotica

Heh heh heh ~~~

So, someone hacked the hell outta Yuriko's blog and now this shorty here is taking total control. But ah, don't think anything of it. Wet Blanket, aka Yuriko, won't mind. Beside, Wet Blanket can't complain since there's a new release today. Drum roll please... BUM BUM BA-BUM!!! ... Presenting to you, Candy Boy Chapter 7!! wOOt wOOt~~

Don't worry, it's the actual chapter this time and not the fake chapter 7 you saw weeks ago. This chapter is filled with wincest, fluff, New Year, soba noodles, heavy heart beats, and oh, we have a, heh heh, intimate scene going on too... Or do we? You just gotta read to find out.

In the meantime kids, please be good and please apply sun screen lotion when out playing in the blazing hot sun. Oh, and this year's World Cup really sucks! But at least Spain got their first World Cup. :3

-Chibi Boss Lele-neesan
^...damn, what a long nickname... who the hell came up with it?!

I have uploaded the new page size for CB 7: 1600px and 2000px. Enjoy and all that jazz~


  1. YEESSSSS! Thank you! Can't wait to read it!! Keep up the amazing work!

    Congrats to Spain as well!

  2. I love that it's high quality, but ~40mB for an 18 page chapter is really over-the-top. No one needs 2000px of horizontal resolution for manga!

  3. LOL I loved credit page! Nice 8D

  4. Yo, thanks for the chapter~!
    keep up the good work! =)

  5. @1st anon: I loved that it's HQ too, but hey, with 2000PX resolution, you can print it out in HQ and maybe hang it on your wall, or make your own HQ desktop wallpaper. :3

    @Everyone else: thanks for reading and for leaving your thanks. You guys are awesome! =D

  6. @3rd Anon: Sorry my friend but we don't publicly put raws on the blog anymore. There are many reasons, mostly legal ones. Sowwie.

  7. Thank you for doing this.. lots of love from Germany!


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