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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tenbin wa Hana to Asobu ch1. Release 9-1

Tenbin wa Hana to Asobu: It Dances With Flowers
Chapter 1

Translator: TsundereYuriko
Editor: Dolor (Horobi no Michi)
Scans: Audio Erotica (Ecchi Yuri)

Age Rating: teen and up
Genre: Shoujo Ai

Tsundere Translations gives you our 3rd manga, Tenbin wa Hana to Asobu. This work can basically be summed up as... Schoolgirl Vampire Yuri.

Lotus Girls' Academy. A school whose aim is to educate young girls to be pure and modest. Youko is a new transfer student here, and immediately takes a liking to Shuu, who shows her around the school. However, Youko discovers a big secret about Shuu... she's a vampire! Youko then does her best to be the best friend she can be and help Shuu protect her secret... whether Shuu likes it or not! But how does Shuu really feel about Youko... and why does her blood taste so different? And to what lengths will Youko go to help Shuu?

Download chapter 1 from Mediafire, Rapidshare


  1. Yay, a new series to follow =) Thank you so much for this, love the first chapter already ^^

  2. I wonder if this can be actually considered yuri...


    I've read that the vampire one isn't a girl, but is gender-less, and even at the end of the story we still don't know if s/he is gonna become a male or a female when s/he turns 18...


    Anon2 : We do know, actually.


    Anyway, thanks for the release :)

  4. thank you once again for providing us with such a wonderful scanlation! A job well done! Really like you blog as well ^ ^

  5. it is cool
    i love it
    hope she will suck that new transferred student's and become a girl
    thank you very much for your hard work

  6. Hey, thanks for the first chapter. I also heard there was a one-shot 4koma version of this manga that ran in Manga Time Kirara.

  7. Thanks for the info, Doma! If I find it, I'll be sure to translate that too.

  8. Sorry, I should had upload it earlier, but look no further because I just uploaded it mediafire.


    Scans may not be in good quality.

  9. when will the other chapter of Tenbin wa hana to asobu release? I'm so excited!!! thanks for this manga!!!!!

  10. @angel: As of this very second, Ecchi Yuri has 3 chapters scanned, I've translated all 3 thus far, and Dolor is working on ch2 now. There are 6 chapters total in volume 1. I'm starting ch4 as soon as I get it. Then we do volume 2 after volume 1!

    @Doma: Thanks for the raws! I'll be sure to work on those at some point.

    @Anonymouses: I really hope she becomes a girl too. But I heard that we don't find out. I guess we'll find out, I'll read to end once I get the raws.

  11. I see.. thanks yuriko-san!!! I'll wait for it...

  12. I have one more qiestion.,, is the itoshi wo otome already finish???

  13. Yup, all of Itoshi wo Tome is complete. Look at the post above, or use the Release Jump at the top left to link to the chapters you don't have. It was a one volume story, I don't think there will be a sequel. If there IS ever a sequel, you can be sure I'll be first to get my hands on it!

  14. Wow! This is great.


    A vampire series! AWESOME! This is awesome! PLUS, It's SHOUJO-AI + VAMPIRES = AWESOMESAUCE! :3
    THANKS! Haha!

  15. Thanks for this. I've been waiting for someone to post it. :) ~Sara<3

  16. I can not wait for the next part! :)

  17. Ow... I really liked this one... A vampire theme... nice , uh?
    I'll be w8ng for every move from this one ^^
    Thank you

  18. I liked it, thank you ^^


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