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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The New Tsundere Translations

Feel free to comment on the new look. I may change the color scheme again if enough people vote on specific colors.
Hopefully this is a lot better than the old kill your eyes with vibrant lily colors scheme that I had before.
I really really appreciate the art Yi has done for me. Isn't that a beautiful banner?
I decided to stick with just a banner. I wanted to have some art on the sides, but people with small monitors wouldn't see it.
Also, PROJECTS PAGE! Perhaps some would find this a welcome addition.
Rather than waste a ton of post space, I guess I can give you a status update.
Dolor is editing Tenbin 2. I'm currently up to ch5 on scripting.
Yi is editing Nova 4. I'm partway through chapter 5 on scripting.
Kite is working on RR 4-6, and I'm translating 7.
The next Candy Boy is due out in December. Just like last time, Yi, Audio Erotica, and I are going to triple team it.
I haven't heard from that mysterious anonymous in the chatbox.
Audio Erotica says that she wants to edit Keika ch2. I have to start that.

Once again, please tell me if you like this new look or not. What should be added, what should go, what should change, and what color it should be.
Catch you later!



  1. I love the new look :) Well done.

  2. Like the new blog site

  3. Looks awesome-r & more cleaner. :)

  4. I like the colors you chose. Great.
    Nova is coming, slowly but surely... Sorry to all waiting.

  5. Definitely going with "like". A lot more stylish and easily navigable.

  6. The banner does look great, very cute too.

  7. Definitely like the new layout better, it's easier on the eyes and simpler to navigate :)


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