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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Itoshi wo Tome chapter 8, release 7-8

Itoshi wo Tome: Kimi ga Kokoro wa: Chapter 8

Release 7-8: Chapter 8
Age rating: Adult
Translation: TsundereYuriko, Edit: Kite, Scans: Shijima

Chapter 8 contains an adult rated scene between Tachibana and Sakura.

This concludes the main storyline of Itoshi wo Tome.
One more bonus chapter to go!

Download chapter 8 version 2 on Mediafire, Rapidshare
Version 2 includes some minor spelling/grammar corrections.


  1. Thank you very much for the new release.
    On page 119, the lower right bubble says "explan". On page 120, the upper left bubble should - in its current phrasing - probably say "trapped here in the inner palace". And on a very minor note, the text file still says chapter 7.

  2. oh wow, i check your blog everyday but never would i have expected you to release chapter 8 this fast XD thank you so very much! its morning here and this will make my day <3 i really appreciate your work!!!

  3. Thank you for your hard work. I enjoyed reading this manga a lot. Hope to see more Yuri work from you.

  4. @pie
    I'll do ur words my words

    Thank you... U did it really fast.. Congratx 4 ur hard work

  5. Owwww... I really liked how this got an end. xD
    Thank you and great work as always...
    I'll be w8 ur next project for sure

  6. Hey there,

    I read this on Mangafox.com and decided to drop a 'thank you very much for your hard work' on your blog. You're way too awesome Tsundere Yuriko-sama :]

    This is a very cute yuri manga. I hope the author comes out with more volumes or new works. Thanks again for translating and uploading. =D

  7. Thank you, you are really fast!
    I love you<3

  8. Thanks for all your hard work!
    Congrats on finishing the main story line!


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