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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Renovating Website

Hey everyone,

Renovating the whole blog. Rather than have over 9000 different blogs, I will instead focus on two.
TsundereYuriko.blogspot.com will be home of all the doujins I upload. I will really work on that later. I still plan on making it a humungous yuri database.

My current focus, TsundereTranslations, will have all my news, releases, links, and reviews. Everything will be easily filterable using labels.

Through the next few days, you'll see a lot of different themes as I experiment. Bear with me, ok?

Candy Boy manga is coming soon!


EDIT: Go here http://tsunderetestblog3.blogspot.com/ and leave comments about how you think it looks. I'm trying to find the perfect theme. If it works out, TsundereTranslations will look just like that. If not, I'll come up with something else.


  1. great!!..
    can't wait for candy boy^^
    thank you

  2. looking foward to candy boy..
    but, its just me or kana-chan looks so different in the manga? more boylish...

  3. O,O I can't believe I just found out about this blog!!
    You have some really cool series, and amazing quality!
    I'll be sure to follow up on your work from now on!

  4. I think it's much better this way than having the release section at the bottom, and now the Followers section is readable. The tables to the right of the pictures are indeed still a bit messy, and they could use some separating lines for example. But what I think would work even better would be to keep the individual chapter releases one to a row, have the first column point to the respective release post, and have subsequent columns provide direct download links to MF, RS, MU and BA where available. I think the tables would be cleaner as well as more user friendly that way. I don't think the vertical extent of it all would be a problem since there will be a lot more vertical real estate taken up by the actual posts. And you only need to provide per-chapter links until volumes are completed, and presumably not a lot of series are going to be worked on simultaneously.

    Plus a cbox or something similar would be nice. And another thing that I find problematic with blogspot is that while there are per-post comment feeds and there is a global post feed to subscribe to, there is no global feed that syndicates all the comments from the various posts, and comments in all but the few most recent posts are very easy to miss. So perhaps you could look into whether there is some possibility of providing a global comment feed if you have the time.

  5. Nice additions in the right column, I think the global comment feed will be especially useful. Release method 5 looks good, the one remaining thing is the asymmetry of having the link placeholders aligned horizontally in the first two cases and then vertically for the latter two. And you may or may not want to switch to one manga per row later, instead of the current two.

    The Recent Comments section could indeed use a different color scheme than the regular posts. Also, it seems to have caused the entire page to refuse to wrap in order to fit at 800x600 resolution - which some people still use - and Recent Comments is the likely culprit both because the page did fit previously (there was no horizontal scrollbar), and because the comments themselves overflow their intended bounds, so you might want to look into that as well.

    Also, while trying to post this comment on testblog3, I noticed the Name/URL and Anonymous posting options are missing. Of course, that might be what you intended, but then again, it might not.

  6. As for recent comments, I couldn't find a way to change the colors. They seemed to be available in black only. Which stinks.
    I'm not really sure how to incorporate them then. Maybe stick them at the bottom?

    Also, I keep resizing the blog. Right now I have it at 800 wide. I suppose I should reduce it back to ~780.

    Thanks for the point-out, I fixed it so anonymous can post. I am quite active in checking comments, so I can moderate spam without having to set registration restrictions.

    "the one remaining thing is the asymmetry of having the link placeholders aligned horizontally in the first two cases and then vertically for the latter two"
    I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around that... could I trouble you to draw a picture of what you think it should look like?

  7. If they only come in black, perhaps a lighter background would be good. I didn't mean for the asymmetry bit to be hard to understand, sorry. I just meant that, before the latest resize, in the case of Tenbin and Rakka the arrow icon was placed below the flare icon, and not to the right of it as in the case of Twinkle and Itoshi, but the resize seems to have fixed that as well. And by the way, the page still has a tiny overflow, could you maybe take off another 5 pixels?


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