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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Buchou-san to Jiki Buchou, Release 8

Buchou-san to Jiki Buchou
Translated name: President and Next President

Release 8
Translation and Editing: Tsundere Yuriko
Age Rating: ADULT
Series: Saki
Tags: Yuri

This release's requester is Katze. I decided to do a request while waiting for my editors to catch up, as well as to have an opportunity to practice editing again.

I can't say how well I did. COMMENTS ARE APPRECIATED. I'm not sure if my text was too small, or if I could have done sfx better, or if I should have shrunk the pages. This is a version 1 release, so I may make some changes if needed. I think I did pretty bad with sfx. Let me know, I want to get better at this.

I wan't take any more requests for a while, but I would like to do a non-H one next.

Download on Mediafire, Rapidshare.


  1. Hey, not bad at all. The editing itself is quite good. My suggestions regarding your questions though:
    -1. Don't shrink pages in general unless you have very, very high res raws to work with. It's easy to any modern image viewer to scale stuff, and keeping closer to the original resolution preserves more detail for the future. It's not like hard drive space is getting more expensive. Obviously you don't need 20MB per page either, but the size you have here is fine.

    -2. Yes, the speech typesetting could use some work (don't know what program you're using though). In some cases the text is a bit too small, or it's too scrunched up. Try stack the words too so that they fill more of the bubbles vertically without hitting the sides and more conforms to the shape of it. This isn't always possible, but it could be done better then here.

    -3. SFX are not terrible, although a major thing is that I'd usually avoid using the same looking font as you'd use for the speech bubbles (which in general should just be Wild Words). Try to select a couple of specific "sfx" fonts to use that match different situations.

    I'm sure some of us could example edit a page or two and upload if you want just to give some different ideas, since a picture is worth 1000 words and all that. You could also check out some of the manga typesetting guides around, there are a lot of good ones at this point. But nevertheless a fine job for a v1, and any contributions are always appreciated :). Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you Anonymous! Let's see...
    First of all, I currently use Corel Paint Shop Pro X. I personally have never tried Photoshop thus far.

    1-Good tip. Thanks. Apparently I need a new "modern" image viewer, because the one I use doesn't scale well. That and it's probably 5-10 years old.

    2-Filling bubbles is hard. I tried to keep a constant size (26 pixels in this case) only increasing the size during large sfx and raised voices. I guess I should try to fill them more. The biggest problem is when the artist drew a giant bubble and only has one short sentence in it... do I copy the size, or fill? Another problem is when I can only have lines of one word each in a bubble... they just seem wrong to me.

    3-I actually need suggestions for sfx fonts. I chose to stick with Wild Words for font and Comic Sans for sfx... but some font ideas would be really nice.

    Some sample edits from viewers would be great! Once again, thank you Anonymous! I'll wait for more comments before I try a v2.

  3. WOW!
    but, thanks again :D
    a wunderful work *tumbs up*

    I`m glad that you translated this for me <3

  4. Glad I made someone's day. You're welcome. =D

    I'll make that version 2 in a bit, hopefully it will turn out much better. I'm going to wait for more comments first.

  5. Thanks for translating this!

  6. Thanks for translating this one. I have noticed you missed 3 last pages, at least according to version of this douin I have.
    Link to untranslated version here (too lazy to upload 3 pages and back cover separately:


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