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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Itoshi wo Tome chapter 7, release 7-7

Itoshi wo Tome: Kimi ga Kokoro wa: Chapter 7

Release 7-7: Chapter 7
Age rating: Adult
Translation: TsundereYuriko, Edit: Kite, Scans: Shijima
One more main chapter and a bonus chapter to go! Once again, the end of the chapter leaves us on a cliffhanger!

Download chapter 7 version 2 on Mediafire, Rapidshare
A version 2 has been made to correct 4 spelling mistakes. There have been no other edits.


  1. Thanks for your job <3

  2. I just recently came across this series, it's a change to see yuri in historical settings.I wonder what the emperor will do next. Thank you for your hard work!

  3. this is a really great manga! i wanna know what'll happen in the next chapter so baaad ;-; and thank you so much! :D

  4. Ow... That was pretty fast ^^.. Thx for your job.
    This yuri is gettin interestin but the chaps r so short T_T

  5. is there another volume?

  6. According to the Manga Updates page, there is only one volume. At this point there is only chapter 8 and a bonus chapter left. Don't mean to make anyone sad, but it's the truth.

  7. ow... only one more chapter? O-o... How the mangaka will get to close all the history? .-.
    well... or we'll be kinda sad with the endin or we'll w8 ages for a new vol

  8. Thank you very much for this new chapter.

    On page 110, there's a typo in the upper right bubble, it should say 'deceived'. On the same page, in the upper left bubble, it should say 'sentence'. On page 103, in the lower bubble it should probably say 'but if it was to help you'. And on page 109, middle panel, it's likely to be 'put you to death by my sword'. I'm sorry if this comes across as being inappropriate, it's just that this a manga I like a lot.

  9. Thank you for pointing those out, Purple. Sometimes spellcheck misses things, sometimes I miss things. Too many mistakes make a translation look bad, and I never want that. I put up a version 2 with those errors removed. Thanks again.


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