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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Twinkle Saber Nova v1 ch3. Release 6-3! VOLUME COMPLETE!

Twinkle Saber Nova chapter 3, Release 6-3

Translation: Tsundere Yuriko
Editing: Yi
Age rating: young and up
Tags: Shounen

It took forever, but here is both my and Yi's first complete work. Big pats on the back for both of us, and a treat for all our fans!

Hayana is in for her toughest battle to this day! The World Domination club unveils its latest plan to overwhelm her with many new Kyokusei! Will Hayana triumph alone, or is she going to need some help of her own? You'll see many faces old and new, as chapter 3 is now translated for you!

Download ch3 alone on Mediafire and Rapidshare.

A note to all you people uploading my manga on viewing websites! I made some changes to chapters 1 and 2. Here are the final versions of chapter 1 (Mediafire, Rapid) and chapter 2 (Mediafire, Rapid). Changes include title pages, one or two speech bubbles, etc. (Biggest fixes include Kurou's gender (oops, lol!) and the explanation of the word Arc (what was I thinking?)
Also, I personally don't mind the fact that I see my work up on several manga websites. I love it. Just put up the updated pages and everything is ok.

Finally... here is the entire volume 1 on rapidshare and megaupload. All the final versions, all the title pages, everything. May as well just grab it.

EDIT: Thanks to a suggestion from Yi, here's some new mirrors using Badongo for you people in Asia who can't use Rapidshare or Megaupload:

Me and Yi worked extra hard to bring you our first volume of manga. We hope you enjoyed TSN1, because 2 is on the way!


  1. thanks for the release. just a quick question though:

    are the Ch1 and Ch2 links updated with the latest files too? RS and MU are not cooperating with me so i'm forced to DL Ch3 only since its with MF.

    thanks for reply

  2. Everything is up to date now with all the links. The MF links are all set to go. Just click the ones above. I spent a lot of time last night reuploading everything. Even still, the ch2 upload was broken and I fixed it. It's all good now.
    Anyone have any other upload host ideas?

  3. Megaupload and MF are the best for US.

    For Asians, I like to use Badongo.com
    The speed is decent, but there's no annoying long long wait like RS and it works everywhere. Files are also up for a long time.

  4. The chapter 3 link on Badongo has a curious href.

  5. Thanks for the pointout, anonymous! I just fixed the link.

  6. Thank you so much for picking up this series. I've been a fan of Fujieda Miyabi for years, but I had given up hope of seeing this one; as no one seemed interested.


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