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Monday, September 13, 2010

Interlude ~ between you and I.

Edit from Lele: ATTN: Kyra
Kyra, I hope you check TsundereTranslations because sadly, I have lost everyone's email contacts in my Tsunderetranslations email account and I do not have your email address. Can you please email me at leleburger (at) hotmail (dot) com? We will go from there girl. Thanks a bunch. :]

And now back to your regularly scheduled post:

Let's shake it up tonight. Can you handle it? ;D

Comic Lily vol.2 - It's Embarrassing (sequel to It's Okay from Comic Lily vol.1)

Raws : Sailor Avalon
Translator : Javi
QC : Dashd-sh1, Javi and Onikun
Editor : slave master Lele

If I like someone and instead of being cliche and telling them my feelings, I would invite them to an onsen, "accidentally" slip on a soap bar that is "randomly" lying on the floor, achieve the proper SFX like "THUD!!" And so, the person would have no choice but to nurse me back to health. And to reward the person's kindness, I'll confess my feelings with a kiss... then hide under the blanket cause I'm embarrassed. Maybe I should try this out and get home cooking in return!! It will definitely make up for hurting myself... unless the person can't cook, then well................ D:

Comic Lily vol.3 - First Kiss
Version 2 of First Kiss is up. It fixes the horrid leveling. Sorry everyone.

Raws : Audio Erotica
Translator : Javi (he has been working some overtime)
QC : Dashd-sh1, Javi and Onikun (they have been working overtime too)
Editor : Lele, who is happily sleeping while her slaves work hard

Who here thought their first kiss tasted like lemon? Or strawberry? For me, my first kiss tasted like french fries. Yeah, don't ask (=P). And now, my kisses taste like tobacco (I was about to put "tabasco" but caught myself and said wait, tabasco's a hot sauce) due to the person I am dating who smokes. And no, this isn't a reference to Utada's First Love song... hmm, I feel like listening to it now. =D

After two more Comic Lily oneshots releases, I am dropping Comic Lily vol.2 and 3 (and any future ones) due to lack of interest within my group and possibly with you lovely readers. If you want my group and I to pick it up again, you gotta beg me for it. So brush up on your compliments and suck-up skills if you want to read more Comic Lily. >=]


  1. I hate to admit, but I will not be missing Comics Lily very much. Even these two releases were less than satisfying.Comics Lily has been the most disappointing of the Yuri Anthologies out there, and that is saying something with Yuri Hime S around (or did it's final issue come out already?)

  2. Hazukashii appears to be missing some pages

  3. And it's a real shame because some of the stories in the Comic Lily are pretty sweet and have much potential. But they're painstakingly short and ..um.. shallow? Not much depth. It bugs. @_@ But oh well. As long as you guys move on to something better, it's all good with me. ^^

  4. @both Lilyvess and 3rd Anon, some stories in Comic Lily aren't too bad but most are que paso hombre?! And well, with the lack of interest, what can you do. And also, I have fix the horrible leveling of First Kiss so please download it again for a better view. Sorry for the trouble guys.

    And Lilyvess, I don't know if Yuri Hime S final volume came out or not. I would have to check. Sorry. :(

    @2nd Anon, all the pages are there. I keep forgetting to remove the page number at the bottom corner. But all the pages are there.

  5. Well... I don't think I like Comic Lily enough to get on my knees begging for more of it. Rakka Ryuusui yes, but not that :)

    It's usually not bad or anything just... not worth all the effort in my opinion. How about simply doing the stories you like in it (if any) and not do the rest?

  6. I'd get on my knees for more Tenbin. ^_^ (or more Amnesian, but I don't think that's the kind of getting on knees you were talking about ^^; ) Honestly, I'd have appreciated Comic Lily a lot more about three or four years ago, before Yuri Shimai/Hime had done pretty much everything CL is now doing.

  7. @Ayra and DezoPenguin, I guess Comic Lily isn't everyone's cup of tea. Well, it wasn't mine or the people in my group's cup of tea either. It's Embarrassing and First Kiss are cute in its own way but it's too short and way too dissatisfying. At least we have Yuri Hime S, Yuri Hime, Yuri Hime Wildrose and Tsubomi to make up for right? :]

  8. thank you for the release!
    more Yuri please! I beg you :))

  9. My first kiss mhn... non-stop shaking cold lips w/ realy to much lips-something (i dont remenber but it tastes like cherry :D) and lots of shame, but iget lots of practique and get new kiss skills
    And about Comic lyly drop, it will mean less yuri stuff to read :(
    Bueno as lo que te paresca mejor :P

  10. Lele-san......

    I miss you. <3

  11. It seems I'm bucking the trend--Keep up with Comic Lilly! Please (on 2 knees if it helps)

  12. I.

    The next blog better be bombass with that usual attitude except times a billion!!!!

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