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Friday, September 10, 2010

I want you to do the you-know-what with me. ;'D

Candy Boy: Young Girls Fall in Love, Cell Phone Chapter 3
1200px : MF MU
1600px : MF MU

Raws : Overworked Raws Provider Minion
Translator : another Overworked Translator Minion
Editor : more Overworked Editor Minion
QC : And even more Overworked QC-er and me, who is not overworked. ;D

Reading this chapter makes me wanna hightail to Japan and visit an onsen. And after a nice, hot, delicious bath, it's time for some scrumptious hot pot and beers!!!! >=] Nom nom nom~~~ I wish the weather would get cooler already so I can have hot pot parties. *sigh*... 'Tis the unfairness of life and its 110+ degrees heat......

Comic Lily vol.1 - the Dreaming Flowers and Butterflies

1200px : MF MU
1600px : MF MU

Raws : Cranky Cat Lady
Translator : Cranky Translator Slave
PR : more Cranky Proofreader Slave
Editor : another Cranky Editor Slave
QC : So umm... Am I the only non-cranky... Actually I'm pretty cranky cause it's lunch time and I don't have food in my fridge. :'(

At last, the final chapter to volume 1 of Comic Lily. Can I get a few celebratory cheers, chicken tenders and those party poppers? I hope everyone enjoyed volume 1 of Comic Lily. Granted some of the stories were kinda que paso?! But eeh, some stories wasn't too bad. Maybe we should stick to Yuri Hime and Tsubomi. Hrrmm....

Also guys, I seem to be having problems with Mediafire and Megaupload going Tsun Tsun on me so please report any link(s) that is/are being fickle.

And a random question of the day: What is your favorite food that you will never get tired of eating every day or every other day or every 2-3 days? This is important because if you say one of my favorite foods, it means that we are MEANT TO BE!!! Haha just kidding. But I'm curious as to what my readers' favorite dish(es) are. So fire away my pretties. =D


  1. Tacos, this tacos? if isnt tacos im gonna changue my asnwer ;D
    Muchas gracias por nuestra racion diaria de yuri, besos <3<3<3

  2. @Anon, oooh tacos is delicious too. But nope, it's not tacos. I can't tell you my favorites cause then you'll change your answer and suck up to me. I can't have that dear anon. =P

  3. Mine is queso tacos con cilantro, cebolla y aguacate! There is a street cart not too far from Metro Hidalgo that I am in love with in DF. If I am state side then gimme a big, rare prime rib slow smoked to perfection! Drool!

  4. @AE, yeah see girl, this is why you and I are not meant to be. It's like that whole scenario where we both want buffalo wings but you want Wings 'N More and I want Wings Stop. We're just not meant to be boo. :'(

    But I will have that rare prime ribs though. Nom nom nom~~~

  5. I don't get tired of food easily. For a whole semester all I ate was Oatmeal for breakfast and Spaghetti for dinner, just because it was cheap and it tasted fine to me. I never got tired of it once either.

    It did help that Oatmeal was Apple flavored though. I love anything apple flavored! Apple Sauce, Apple Juice, Apple Soda, Apple anything.

  6. @Lilyvess, whooa! Oatmeal and spaghetti for a whole semester? D: That's really hardcore. I don't think I can eat oatmeal everyday but then again, I'm not an oatmeal person or a cereal person (I'm lactose intolerant so cereal's no go). But spaghetti is good, probably not every day though. ^^;;

    And apple soda is yummy. Speaking of which, I should go buy some. =D

  7. it was crazy! I was such a cheapskate I didn't even buy cheese for the Spaghetti!

    The surprising thing is, I wasn't an oatmeal person either! The food just grew on me at that point. I like to think it was the power of apples.

    Was not the most healthy time in my life, but that's college for you.

    now that I think about it, I should go buy some apple soda too...

  8. Just wanted to say thanks so much for your fantastic efforts here, and congrats on finishing a volume! I've only ever edited one single volume myself, and it was a haul (otherwise just singles here and there), so go you.

    As far as food? Tough question, since I live right now in a region with fantastic food options that I wouldn't be able to get elsewhere. I guess if I had to choose a generic option I could almost always be sure to get no matter where I lived, I'd have to go with the cliched pizza and a good cup of coffee (or a good beer, depending on time of day). Tasty, with the veggie toppings I like reasonably healthy, widely available, and in a pinch can serve as breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. I prefer to make my own, and the ingredients are straight forward. Sometimes too tired for that though. As far as coffee, I'm embarrassed to say it'd be hard for me to go a long time without it D:. I used to be a big soda addict, but have moved myself over to coffee over a few years to reduce sugar at least.

    Otherwise I make a good quiche, chile/cornbread, spicy peanut butter noodles, and soups. Any of those could be something I'd happily eat all the time.

  9. Um...
    I get sick of it easily xD
    I guess it'd be this weird soup I make, that's basically just chicken stock, bacon, potato, carrot and onion cooked for a while.
    And ABSOLUTELY not blended >.>

    I <3 it :D

    (However, it reminds me of a certain saying about simple things and simple minds :/)

  10. @Zan, spicy peanut butter noodles? Hmmm, sounds very interesting. I had peanut butter tapioca before and woow, it's err... very... I can't think of a good word to describe it. It tastes exactly like peanut butter of course but to have it as a drink is.... yeah. I'm not much of a PB person so the taste was quite nauseating. D:

    Pizza is good though. I had a medium thin crusted Meat Lovers last night. It was okay, I wish it wasn't cold when it arrived. I don't drink coffee but I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. And I love coffee flavored ice cream and cake. Nom nom. =D

    @Perrin-kun, mmm soups is always a plus. And that soup sounds tasty. It has this very homemade feel to it. =D

    Also, it's good to keep things simple and be simple-minded! There's nothing wrong with that. I like to live a simple, humble and comfortable life. You really can't beat that.

  11. I don't I could eat anything straight for too long, so it'd have to be something basic. Like bread.

  12. food i can eat every day would have to be rice!! not only do i eat it every, day i CRAVE it!!!!

  13. Lactose intolerant, so ya can get ice-cream?
    sob werent mean to be :(

  14. @3rd Anon, I'm semi lactose intolerant actually because I can still eat pizza and ice cream but I just can't handle anything creamy. I'd die. D: But it doesn't bother me too much since I don't care too much for ice cream. I know, you're probably going ":O!! How can you say that about ice cream?!" I personally am not much of a sweet or dessert girl. If I were to eat ice cream, it'd be Rocky Road or coffee flavored. :)

  15. College was.. the special deal of the day at the local giant chain fast food. I had that for three years! Cause I was poor. Three meals a day on a almost 24 hr day schedule. .... But I still stuck to fast food until the third year of work. One day after over consuming of a certain fermented drink... I tried to eat fast food to settle my stomach :D, but the thought of it made me sick. Ever since, I haven't touched a single fast food item!! So weird. :)

    I now crave for protein shakes... and if I'm good with my sugar, I might go for a ramen ... Yesh! *Points at a few posts up* The spicy soup ramen with a tbs of crunchy peanut butter! It's actually really good, I would eat it every meal/365 days a year if my body would allow me!! Mom taught me the recipe! Maybe it just reminds me of mom, LOL! ^_^

  16. Candy Boy was pretty good, thanks for the translation! :)

    I can't say I liked the other story much, but... The added page at the end with the credits was pretty funny! :)

    And pineapple.

  17. Mangos are the way to go :D

  18. seeing this chapter makes me somehow happy, Isako's character is getting more and more lovable every chapter..now I'm trully rooting for sakuya x isako,lol

    Thx for the release..:)

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