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Monday, January 11, 2010

Status Update: January 2010

Happy New Year, people! Here's a Tsundere News update for people wondering what's going on.

Less Fortunate News:
Tenbin: Dolor seems to be missing in action. I'm waiting for the ch3 and ch4 edits before I start 5. Every now and then she gives me a status update. Hope she is doing well.
Rakka: I'm in the process of starting chapter 9. I bet Kite already has the edits for 7 and 8 done.
Nova: Yi dropped Nova. I'm putting it on hold for now, and I shall return to it someday soon. I'll work on getting a full volume 2 script, then I'll post it for whoever wants to do it.
Keika: Audio Erotica is having some technical issues and editing has become tricky. I'll give you an update when she's back in action. Chapter 3 is translated, I'm starting 4, and she will edit 3 when possible.
Keika mini update: some people may not like chapter 3, so I am releasing 3 and 4 together.

More Fortunate News:
Candy Boy 3 is translated! Yi is editing right now. I made Candy Boy a priority, so at least that was done on time.
Comic Lily: Sent a one shot translation to... BEOTKKOT! She's back! Audio Erotica is going to scan more of it, and I'll see about getting more one shots from it done. (Just the ones Lililiscious aren't doing, I haven't seen any other groups say they were working on it. If someone is, please contact me. FYI: We did the chapter titled "Angel Drop" first.)

And Hanabira:
Hanabira 3 is progressing very slowly. The script is broken up into 15 "chapters", and I barely have some progress on the first one. I will say this: it IS going to take way more than a month.

Keep in mind everyone that I am only one translator, and I may have taken on more projects than I should have.
My classes begin again on the 25th. I have two weeks to pull an overtime and see just how much I can translate. Looking for a second job may cut into that, but who needs sleep, right? Wish me luck!



  1. happy new year to all staff . and we´ll be waithing for your projects !

  2. happy new year to you too, and good luck with all that translation! just don't push yourself too hard x) i really appreciate your work - i mean just seeing any yuri release at all makes me really happy ;D

  3. Happy new year
    hoped you ate some red bean ice Mochi ^_^
    I did.

    Don't push your self to much, just have fun and good luck with your classes

  4. Just incase the Sono Hanabira translator doesn't know, there is a script extractor/packer for the game, I heard somewhere that AnimED was being used, so msd files can be edited a bit easier than with AnimED.

  5. >Keika
    >some people may not like chapter 3
    With this you mean the girls will have het sex?

  6. Good luck with all the projects!

  7. @Anon NO the main girls will not have het sex EVER if that makes you feel any better! It’s just going to get way weird!

  8. >> Nova: Yi dropped Nova. I'm putting it on hold for now, and I shall return to it someday soon. I'll work on getting a full volume 2 script, then I'll post it for whoever wants to do it.

    Oh dear! I'm sorry that Yi has dropped it, but I'm glad that you'll be getting back to it soon. I've become rather fond of Fujieda Miyabi's various series, including this one.

    Not that I can read Japanese, but where can I find the raws for v2? I remember googling for it last time, but failed to find anything.

    Anyway, much thanks for your effort on the other scanlations.

  9. My raws for v2 have been available. Check the projects page.
    I also just uploaded volume 3 for you. It is on the page as well.

    Nova is being placed on "hold" for a while. I'm definitely not dropping it!

  10. >> I also just uploaded volume 3 for you.

    Thanks very much. I spent about half-a-day "reading" through the raws. My quarter-baked understanding of Chinese and Japanese, taken together with the art, as well as all the notes provided in the scanlation of the 1st volume, allowed me to just barely make sense of what was going on in the storyline.

    It is only when we make the effort to read the original raws that we can really appreciate the work done by the fan scanlators. Once again, "Thanks!" and "Great work!" to you and your friends.

    >> I'm definitely not dropping it!

    Very glad to hear this.


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