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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Candy Boy Chapter 3

Candy Boy chapter 3

Download: Mediafire, Megaupload, Rapidshare

Translator: Tsundere Yuriko, Editor: Yi (Listless Ink), Scanner: Audio Erotica (Ecchi Yuri)
Tags: Shoujo Ai, Incest
Age rating: Teen and up

Continuing to run in Comic Flapper, we now have the third chapter of Candy Boy! Money is tight this month for the girls. Can Kana keep the responsibility for managing the remaining money until next allowance? Or will her hobby get the best of her?

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  1. awesome! one of my favorite site! thank you very much for the candy boy chpt 3!

  2. Thanks for the new chapter! Candy Boy rocks! ^^

  3. Thanks for the chapter. I like it.

  4. page7 of the raws is corrupted, would you mind uploading it?

  5. Thanks Audio Erotica and Yuriko!
    The little figure of Yukino is just precious. Sooo cute. Yukino with cat ears is even cuter though! I hope the next chapter is just as sweet.

  6. @anony2:
    Here is a new page 7 for you if you don't want to download the whole mirror!

    Hey Yi! Draw me a catgirl Yuriko! Pweeeease???

  7. Thanks for another chapter.
    I Love so much Kanade-senpai (>.<)


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