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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Candy Boy Chapter 2

Candy Boy chapter 2

Download: Mediafire, Megaupload, Rapidshare
(Second version links. Fixed a spelling error)

Translator: Tsundere Yuriko, Editor: Yi (Listless Ink), Scanner: Audio Erotica (Ecchi Yuri)
Tags: Shoujo Ai, Incest
Age rating: Teen and up

Continuing to run in Comic Flapper, we now have the second chapter of Candy Boy. The gang is vacationing on an island reserved by Kamiyama Industries. Only problem: no food there! Will Kana be able to help gather, and still be able to spend  time with Yuki-chan?


  1. Thank you for another chapter. :)

  2. Oooooh great day today! First the final episode of Knk and now CB chapter 2!

    Thanks alot!

  3. That's actually quite cute, quite a nice work there, thank you for sharing it :)

    The main character sure is quite a pervy girl ain't she ^^

  4. Glad everyone is enjoying it!
    Also, I fixed a spelling mistake on page 5. There is an entirely new version of raws up. If you can ignore the mistake, you're not missing much with the new download.

  5. Thanks for the new chapter.
    I find the file sizes for the pages to ba a tad large at 17.8MB however.
    Generally for monochrome PNG files once you're ready for release, you can use indexed colour (16 colours is usually enough - try 24 or 32 if you're losing too much detail (especially when there're very smooth gradients, you may need 64), or 8 or 12 in very special cases) instead of the full 256 colour monochrome range.
    Just before release you can use a program like PNGCRUSH or PNGOUT.

    What i'm not sure about is how to go about doing this in GIMP: In photoshop you go:
    1) Image > Mode > RGB Color
    2) Image > Mode > Indexed Color...
     a) Palette: Select Local (Perceptual)
     b) Colors: 16 (or whatever you prefer)
     c) Forced: Black and White
    In GIMP, if I use Indexed Color, I get the same result as in Photoshop when I don't first convert to RGB before changing to Indexed Color - the whole thing becomes darker. It's probably because it's not using the Local (Perceptual) palette - Unfortunately i'm not sure if GIMP has something like this. Can someone shed some light on this?
    If you have true colour images you might want to go with JPEG at 90% or so quality.

    Rough results from trying this on the png files of this chapter using photoshop, and reducing the JPEG quality for the sole colour image to 90% (I can't really tell the difference without calculating the difference), I manage to reduce the whole chapter size to 7.41MB. Now after running PNGOUT on all the files, it's just 5.92MB. Yay!
    This is all just a suggestion, of course. :)

    I recommend using a batch script for this to save your time: open notepad, paste this line in:
    for %%i in (*.png) do pngout "%%i"
    Now Save As:
    (with the double quotes) and move it along with the pngout.exe to your C:\WINDOWS\System32 directory. You can now just type pngout in any directory to compress all png files in that directory via command prompt (if you don't want this, you can instead copy pngout.exe and pngout.bat to whatever directory you need to use it in and double-click the pngout.bat file).
    You can get PNGOUT.EXE here: http://www.advsys.net/ken/util/pngout.exe

  6. Thanks a lot for the scanlation, Yuriko + Audio Erotica.

    I really liked this chapter. Yukino is quite cute. ^ ^
    I hope the next one will start to pick up the plot.

    @Anonymous: Thanks for the suggestions. I will try to reduce the file sizes on the next release.

  7. It was really great. See the SA thread for my full thoughts, I just wanted to say thanks again here. ^_^

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