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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Comic Lily: Halloween Rhapsody

Halloween Rhapsody
A one-shot from Comic Lily volume 1

Download on Mediafire, Rapidshare, Megaupload

Translator: Tsundere Yuriko
Editor: Lele
Scanner: Audio Erotica
Translation Check/Proofreading: Yuuna

Age rating: Teen and up, Genre: Shoujo Ai

Another one-shot from Comic Lily! Magic and love is in the air. We hope you enjoy this short story!
Tsundere Translations also welcomes Lele to the editor cast! This is Lele-chan's first official edit, so please critique her, ok? (About time she finished it too!)


  1. Thanks Yuriko,Audio Erotica!
    続けて頑張ります !

  2. Thanks for the release!
    Checking out Hiiragi Kei's (the artist) blog, I think this is actually not a one-shot:
    There's 'Christmas Rhapsody' in vol 2 (still about Mio and Runa)... :)

  3. This was a really cute one-shot. The art style is so pretty. I love it.
    Welcome to Tsundere Translations, Lele! ^ ^
    I think you did an amazingly wonderful job.
    I hope to see more come out soon.

  4. Forgot to mention this, but thanks a lot for all involved! Tsundere Yuriko + Audio Erotica + Lele + Yuuna.

  5. @Anon, wow is there really a part 2? :O
    I'm looking forward to seeing how the relationship between the girls will advance. :]

    @Yi, thank you very much for your kind words. 您太好了。I'm glad you enjoyed the oneshot.

  6. @Lele
    Yes, check it out in the artist's blog regarding Comic Lily 2 here.

  7. @Anon, thanks for the link. I'll be looking forward to editing the second chapter once we have the raw and a translated script. Look forward to it okay? =D

  8. It's too bad that this is only a oneshot. I really like it, thanks, Yuriko and Audio Erotica.

  9. @Gummy
    You'll be happy to know that it's not a oneshot...

  10. @Anon

    No way, you're kidding? Thanks for the good news.


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