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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Twinkle Saber Nova v1 ch1. Release 6! (version3)

Twinkle Saber Nova, volume 1, chapter 1

Translator: TsundereYuriko
Editor: Yi (visit Yi's website: Listlessink.wordpress.com)

First editing release by Yi!

Age rating: young and up
Series: Twinkle Saber Nova (original manga)
Tags: Shounen

It took a while, but finally we have an edited full release! This is chapter 1, volume 1 (with more chapters to follow!) of a manga I saw one day and immediately liked. Filled with Shonen style combat, a sprinkle of school life, and of course a dash of implicit yuri. For two years this manga has gone untranslated, but not anymore! TsundereTranslations proudly presents Twinkle Saber Nova!

Hayana and Aoi go to Misaki Academy, where their favorite pastime is to eat at all the local restaurants. Misaki is known for it's lax importance on rules, and while that means freedom, it can mean trouble. Hayana's lunch gets interrupted one day by a new club... the World Domination Club! (They're starting with the school lunch program and working outwards.) Luckily, Hayana gets some help from one of her teachers and joins the Ally of Justice Club as Twinkle Saber, sworn to defend the lunchtime (and truth and justice along the way) of Misaki Academy against the World Domination Club!

Wow was that a mouthful.
Please enjoy! Chapters 2-3 are to come. If you enjoy it, then volumes 2 and 3 are to follow!

The chapters are very long, so it will be quite some time between chapter releases.

Edit: made a couple small changes. Now it's version 3.

Download chapter 1 on Mediafire, Rapidshare, Badongo


  1. Thanks for picking up this series. I've been hoping somebody would translate this for quite some time now. You guys rock!

  2. Very nice. That was a really long chapter.
    We could always use more Fujieda Miyabi. =)
    I never got around to reading the original, so I'm glad I get to read it translated.

  3. Very FM - seven different kinds of awesome, but common sense needs to be checked at the door. But who's complaining? :P

    Great job, thanks.

  4. I'm really glad everyone liked it!
    (Also glad I have been able to find another original series, rather than another doujin!)
    I'll go ahead and finish the volume then! Though I might finish Itoshi wo Tome first... we'll see what happens.
    One final note: all the chapters are that long. That's why it took a while to do.

  5. I've been trying to download this several times from MF but the file seems corrupted for some reason. Others don't seem to have any problem opening them, though. Any suggestion?

  6. Agreed with Shijima. I love everything that Fujieda Miyabi has released. Everyone's soooo cute. Twinkle Saber Nova is no exception, especially Hayana.

    Thanks Tsundere Yuriko for the translation.

  7. Hey Jenova, I rezipped it as a rar and put it on rapidshare. See the mirror link above.
    Let me know if that works for you, ok? I want to get this to anyone who wants to read it.

    And thanks to Yi for the editing!

  8. Seeing a translation for another Fujieda manga is always great :) Thanks for your work !

  9. great you guys i've found that i am now a Fuieda fanboy ^_^ glad theres someone translating it. was only wondering i seen on baka-updates that the series has 3 volumes out and is ongoing? wondered if the other volumes would be translated too

  10. wooops lol looks like you guys arne't scanlating anymore ;( well that makes me sad would love to see volumes 2 and 3 translated.


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