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Friday, August 28, 2009

Itoshi wo Tome: Kimi Ga Kokoro Wa ch1 R7-1

Itoshi wo Tome: Kimi Ga Kokoro Wa, chapter 1

Translated by Tsundere Yuriko
Cleaned and Edited by Kite (Tranquil Spring)
Scans by Shijima, special thanks to Shijima and Winterbraid (Wings of Yuri)

Release 7-1! Age level: Adult
Tags: Yuri, female rape (ch1)

A tale of love set in the feudal times! A tale of a tomboy daughter of a high ranking official and her love with her special other, who she was sworn to take care of and protect. Tachibana-hime and her precious Sakura must persevere through the harsh lifestyle of nobility, and many challenges await them that could forcefully tear them apart... will Tachibana's undying love for Sakura be enough to protect her?

Warning: Chapter 1 contains a scene of female-female rape. 2 future chapters will contain male-female rape. Because of their importance to the story, these scenes were left in.

Chapter 1 - Mediafire, Rapidshare


  1. Congrats on the release.
    Thank you again for taking up this series. =)

  2. Small question.
    How explict are these future male-female rape scenes?
    Are they on a level of Octave or Love Slave(meaning softcore) or they are rather in hentai brand showing anatomical details of guys?

    Also big thanks for this release,I didn't expect a yuri manga to be set in such period.

  3. Thanks for IwT. I've been looking forward to this, although I am a bit scared about the future rape scenes.

  4. Thank you for the release. ^^

  5. @anony1 and Yi: There are 2 male rape scenes. The first is only a panel, the other is about 3 pages. These are in chapters 5 and 6 I think. The anatomical detail is low, so you can just squint through those pages and be ok. They aren't any worse than the rape scene in chapter 1.

    @Shijima: And thank you for giving me the chance to do this series!

  6. I really think you should make your blog a more "cleaner" look? Because, sometimes, I get lost and confuse real easily. lol Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's how you title your titles.

  7. I admit, my blogs are as cluttered as a 3-year-old's room, and are as coordinated and carefully planned as a party of lemmings raiding a cliff. I'm not a very organized person, that shows, doesn't it? I'm trying my best to make everything easily accessible. Does my new "release jump" at the top left of both main pages help? In the resource blogs, I tag everything like crazy too. I wonder if people notice that.

    I'm doing my best to work around this. I don't know what would look best. I'm too obsessed with having all those gadgets on the left too, yet they are just more clutter to people. I also use way too much text to explain things... like right here!

    If I want different kinds of pages to organize things, should I just move to Wordpress, or get my own domain?


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