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Monday, February 16, 2009

Watashi Dake wo Mitete Ne - RE-RELEASE!

Watashi Dake wo Mitete Ne
Translation: Please Look Only at Me

TsundereYuriko's First Translation! Version 2.

Age rating: Mature, 18+
Tags: Yuri, Translated, Tools, Three, Female Domination, Guy, Edited
Series: Pia Carrot 3

Edit explanation:
Two pages in the credits were cut because they were straight scenes. The text file includes a link to the original Japanese version online.

Re-release Info:
Spruced up text to look more interesting. Used Anti-Alias, and will use anti-alias forever on.

Translation Tools Used:
JWPce and own mind (for translation and script)
Corel Paint Shop Pro X (for cleaning and inputting text)
Font used: Wild Words

Download my Re-released Translation! It's redone, and better than before!
Download my old version translation.

As soon as I get up my whole English collection on my main blog, I'll post this translation on 4chan... and really rake in the page views!

COMMENTS! COMMENTS APPRECIATED! I accept improvement pointers from bilinguals, editing pointers from the experts, or anything else good you have to say! Thanks in advance!

Edit! My first commenter by email, none other than the friendly H.S.! I thought my text inputting looked a little ugly. This person told me about anti-alias, a feature I did not even know about!

Also, I ditched Paint Shop Pro 6 because it crashed every time I tried to use Wild Words and Anti Alias together. Meh. Corel Paint Shop Pro X seems to work, but I'm still getting used to it.

Well, any requests for my next translation?


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