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Monday, February 16, 2009

So... how do I do this?

Ok! I need help from you!
Advice! Links! The programs to use!

I'm talking about translations.
The more help I get, quite possibly the more I can translate!
As I said before, I want to do one translation about every other month. I do have things to do, and I can't devote every waking moment to Yuri.

First of all! Let me tell you what I have and use.
-4 years of college Japanese (Japanese was my minor)
-a Nintendo DS with Kanji Sonomama DS Rakubiki Jiten (It's a Kanji lookup dictionary! You just draw in the kanji on the touch screen! It's awesome! Anyone who studies Japanese and has a DS should import it! I recomend getting Kanken DS too, if you like taking Kanji quizzes.)
-A laptop. (with Vista... blech! Thinking of dual booting and having Ubuntu as well)
-Rikai-chan (Free! Check it out, it can integrate with Firefox and can look up Japanese words on webpages just by moving your mouse over)
-JWPce (Japanese Word Processing program! Free! Includes full Kanji database and dictionary! best study and work tool ever)
-A HP 1310 Scanner/Printer. (It's not the best, but it gets the job done)
-Jasc Paint Shop Pro 6: I use Paint Shop Pro 6 for image editing and drawing. I've been using it to practice translation finalizing. However, it proved obsolete when it crashed whenever I tried to use Anti-Alias.
-Corel Paint Shop Pro X. I'm still getting used to the interface, but at least it can use Anti-Alias without crashing.

Ok... so that's where I stand. I can pretty much look up any Kanji (though I wish I could find a kanji-draw-in-tool lookup thing as a computer program).
And... yeah. I don't use Photoshop. Should I?

I also decided to use Wild Words, a font I hear is most commonly used for manga editing.

So where do I stand? What should I be using? Does having a minor in Japanese, and even surviving a one year study abroad trip to Tokyo qualify me to translate? Hope so.

I've got a full translation done right now, and I'm stuck on the whole "how to put words into baloons" thing. What if I'm doing it wrong? And what about the whole sound effects issue... edit them to english or leave them in with translations?

My first official translation is done. It will be my practice one. After that, I'm relying on you guys to help me make the stuff you want better! I've also decided my second translation will be a commission. So pick one fast before everyone else, or pick one everyone wants! My decision is final when I decide, so I can't please everyone!

Right! Can't wait for everyone's advice! Catch you on the flip side!



  1. dunno about translating, but as far as editing... photoshop isn't required but it is recommended. there's a ton of really great editing tutorials online, but my favorites are these:

    wild words is a good font to use, but it's good to mix things up so that there's a clear difference between thoughts, speech, narration and fx. best but slightly more advanced results come from matching the style of the font to the japanese font you're replacing. mostly, just do what looks good to you, and keep it clean and easy to read. for more go to http://blambot.com/fonts.shtml , great site.

    also, yay on choosing to translate yuri! there can never be enough yuri scanlators out there :) go get the word out on the shoujo ai forums and manga updates, i'm sure you'll find lots of people will be very pleased and possibly helpful in your endeavors. good luck!

  2. same anon as before... just wanted to say your site is complete and total <3. i don't think i've ever seen such a huge collection of yuri and shoujo ai, and there's more than a few i haven't read before. all of this is to say..

    you're amazing.

  3. TsundereYuriko, I could do the edits for you. I've edited 5 doujins already and pretty experienced with things like leveling, typesetting, redrawing (albeit I've only recently began to redraw), and cloning.
    I could save you the time of having to edit it and I have all the necessary equipment, having Photoshop. And, in my extensive yuri/shoujo-ai collection; I have many that is untranslated.
    Though, if you choose to do it yourself I can give you some words of advice.
    Photoshop isn't needed (I've even seen some decent typesetters/editors do it with GIMP) though you can find a lot more tutorials on it. Photoshop really is over priced.

  4. Good luck and hope you will be success =]

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments!
    And thanks for those tutorials!

    Yeah... I probably should throw myself up on Shoujo Ai.com. I'll do that after a few more translations. I have a high respect for that website, I don't want to enter as a nobody.

    And Boetkkot... thanks for your offer! I'm really considering it.

  6. :3 bookmark yer page already
    and i must say i will surely lurk on you
    ^ ^

    Nice collection

    p/s if i ever take one of your translating stuff
    i will link it back at yer page
    can i do that haha *_*
    cuz i like posting my fav doujin too
    but of coz i dont do translating stuff like you D :

    oh well ..gudluck


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