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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Assistant Denki Keika chapter 5

Assistant Denki Keika chapter 5

Translator: Tsundere Yuriko
Editor: Ikanimo
Scanner: Audio Erotica (EcchiYuri)
Some translation help: Yuuna
Age Rating: Adult
Tags: WTF, Straight, Shota, Yuri, Tools, Seinen, IT'S A TRAP

Chapter 5 is here! This chapter is so full of WTF I can't even describe it. You'll have to see for yourself! I don't even know what I'm translating anymore! 
Who knows what chapter 6 will have!?

Edit: A warm welcome to our newest editor, Ikanimo! great job!


  1. Are you guys sure she didn't say "Love is over" on page 69?

  2. Yes, that was a slight typo. You get the idea though.
    But her name is not the only thing wrong with this chapter!

  3. > < waiting for you.

  4. Welcome Ikanimo!
    Yea... this manga has gone in a very... interesting direction.
    So many fetishes explored and so many unusual moments.

    Anyways, thanks to all involved, Audio Erotica, Tsundere Yuriko, Ikanimo, and Yuuna.

  5. Thanks for scanlation of Keika, but judging from content I'm gonna skip this chapter, since I'm not into trap, shota and straight too much as a fetish.

  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. This chapter was indeed a bit crazy, and I'm sure the next won't be any less than that.

  7. Can someone upload the c01-02 RAWs? I want to translate to another language.

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