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Sunday, June 14, 2009

*OMAKE DONE!* Selfish 2. 5th release! A Lucky Star Doujin! Version 1.

Selfish 2

Fifth release, and fourth joint project!
Translator: TsundereYuriko
Editor: Beotkkot

Age rating: young and up
Series: Lucky Star
Tags: Shoujo-Ai, loli

This is a version 1 release. Possible later versions will include the omake and a couple minor graphical fixes.

The omake is done! I uploaded it here. It will be included in version 2 with the end story. When I do it.

I never found a Selfish 1, and when I translated this one, I looked around first to see if anyone had already translated this. I didn't see any. If someone had already translated this, let us know immediately!

Who knew Konata could stir up trouble just by sitting down to lunch? Things get a little crazy, then Kagami tries to explain it to Tsukasa. A doujin nicely done to the pace and humor of Lucky Star.

Download translation version 1 on Mediafire, Rapidshare.


  1. Wow!! It was very cute. I love Lucky Star!
    Thank you so much, really appreciate your works! Since I don't know any Japanese so I can't really compare the 2 versions.

  2. wow, good to see this doujin translated, i love lucky star, and i just had the raw of this one, so i am really happy, thanks :)

  3. Glad you liked it! As you can see, I just did the omake. I'm doing the story at the end now.

    Say, you wouldn't happen to have a raw of Selfish 1, would you? I'd be happy to translate it if no one else has yet.

  4. thanks for the doujin translation and editing. Hope to see more. ^^


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