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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hi everyone. This is Yuriko.

To start with, if you have not already, scroll down and read the last post: "Last Farewell", and check out our last releases for Candy Boy and Rakka Ryuusui.

Sadly, the last post was not a prank or a joke. Everyone is breaking up, and the decision to leave is my own.

Along the way I made a lot of mistakes, and did a lot of things wrong. It was a journey not without it's bumps, bruises, and accidents. I made promises, not all of them fulfilled. I made endeavors, many wasted.

Our dear readers, I hope you have enjoyed the trip. My number one goal this whole time was to bring you translations of your favorite yuri and promote its translation. That much I hope I have succeeded in doing to some extent. I pray that in the end, the good outweighed the bad.

The chatbox and commenting on posts will still be enabled.

All download links for previous releases up to the current date will stay up on the posts and TsundereTranslationsProjects.blogspot.com.

Most projects have been taken by other groups, please see the last post for details. tldr: Amnesian and Candy Boy are currently being translated by another group.

Thank you for sticking with us to the end. May translation and yuri never die.

And I'm not grateful or anything for the loving and supportive comments or anything, baka! (/end tsundere speak)

-Tsundere Yuriko

Last Farewell.

Finally we have a release and it's just an Omake and only 2 chapters from a 4Koma?! Yeesh... Well, it's better than nothing ya? :D

Candy Boy Omake 2
1200px : MF
1600px : MF

Raws : Audio Erotica
Translator : Onikun
Editor : Tei Shinra
QC : Onikun and Lele

This is the second omake for Candy Boy (not the cellphone manga featuring awesome Sakuya and her awesomeness). Where's the first omake you asked? Remember back in May 2010 there was a post titled, "Candy Boy Chapter Not-7"? Well folks, that's the first and today's the second. Do enjoy~~

Rakka Ryuusui 10-11
1200px: MF
1600px: MF

Raws: Anonymous/Internet
Translator: Onikun
Editor: Slivery

It has been forever since a new chapter release for RR hasn't it? I'm very sorry about that folks. I hope y'all will enjoy it regardless of the delays. :)


Now on to a more serious note. The title of this post, "Last Farewell" is exactly what it means. This is Tsundere Translations' final release and my final post. It has been an amazing year and half since this blog opened and while it was all fun and games, all good things have to come to an end sometime soon yes? Everyone in Tsundere Translations is leaving to pursue his and her own interests so please wish them all luck on his and her future endeavors and all the happiness in the world.

On the bright side (in a sense),
not every series is being dropped. Most have been taken up by other groups.

The following series have been taken by another
Candy Boy, Amnesian, Keika, Otome Senshi Lovely 5, Mare, Yukemuri Sanctuary, Scape-god

The following have been taken by yet another
Planned HXB doujins

The following series have been dropped:
Comic Lily, Twinkle Saber Nova, Rakka Ryuusui

A reminder that Hanabrira 3 was picked up and dropped with no progress.

Tenbin wa Hana to Asobu will soon start being released on Horobi no Michi. At least that is the current setup. Shall that change, it will be released here instead.


I and the rest of the Tsundere Translations members would like to thank all of you, our awesome readers, for making this scanlation group possible. Without y'all, we wouldn't be here. So thanks for spamming us with your comments and your thanks. :)

I personally want to thank all the Tsundere Translations staff who worked with Yuriko and later me, past and present. Thanks for putting up with Yuriko and me and our inexperiences as leaders and our naivete... And our relapses and demands too! You guys are amazing. Wherever you are now, and whatever you are doing now, I hope you're having fun and enjoying life. Keep up the good work!!! :)

Like life, we have our uphill struggles. And through it all, we fought, laughed, pranked and made some good, memorable memories together. Although we have lost some comrades along the way, in the end, we pulled through and had fun doing what we enjoy- scanlating scrumptious, delicious yuri. I hope everyone, including staff and readers, continue to thoroughly enjoy his and her yuri goodies and please support the wonderful mangakas by buying his and her works. Yuri, love, food, and music for life!!! ='D

Be good, be safe, be healthy, be fun, be awesome and I hope to see y'all someday soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Interlude ~ between you and I.

Edit from Lele: ATTN: Kyra
Kyra, I hope you check TsundereTranslations because sadly, I have lost everyone's email contacts in my Tsunderetranslations email account and I do not have your email address. Can you please email me at leleburger (at) hotmail (dot) com? We will go from there girl. Thanks a bunch. :]

And now back to your regularly scheduled post:

Let's shake it up tonight. Can you handle it? ;D

Comic Lily vol.2 - It's Embarrassing (sequel to It's Okay from Comic Lily vol.1)

Raws : Sailor Avalon
Translator : Javi
QC : Dashd-sh1, Javi and Onikun
Editor : slave master Lele

If I like someone and instead of being cliche and telling them my feelings, I would invite them to an onsen, "accidentally" slip on a soap bar that is "randomly" lying on the floor, achieve the proper SFX like "THUD!!" And so, the person would have no choice but to nurse me back to health. And to reward the person's kindness, I'll confess my feelings with a kiss... then hide under the blanket cause I'm embarrassed. Maybe I should try this out and get home cooking in return!! It will definitely make up for hurting myself... unless the person can't cook, then well................ D:

Comic Lily vol.3 - First Kiss
Version 2 of First Kiss is up. It fixes the horrid leveling. Sorry everyone.

Raws : Audio Erotica
Translator : Javi (he has been working some overtime)
QC : Dashd-sh1, Javi and Onikun (they have been working overtime too)
Editor : Lele, who is happily sleeping while her slaves work hard

Who here thought their first kiss tasted like lemon? Or strawberry? For me, my first kiss tasted like french fries. Yeah, don't ask (=P). And now, my kisses taste like tobacco (I was about to put "tabasco" but caught myself and said wait, tabasco's a hot sauce) due to the person I am dating who smokes. And no, this isn't a reference to Utada's First Love song... hmm, I feel like listening to it now. =D

After two more Comic Lily oneshots releases, I am dropping Comic Lily vol.2 and 3 (and any future ones) due to lack of interest within my group and possibly with you lovely readers. If you want my group and I to pick it up again, you gotta beg me for it. So brush up on your compliments and suck-up skills if you want to read more Comic Lily. >=]

Friday, September 10, 2010

I want you to do the you-know-what with me. ;'D

Candy Boy: Young Girls Fall in Love, Cell Phone Chapter 3
1200px : MF MU
1600px : MF MU

Raws : Overworked Raws Provider Minion
Translator : another Overworked Translator Minion
Editor : more Overworked Editor Minion
QC : And even more Overworked QC-er and me, who is not overworked. ;D

Reading this chapter makes me wanna hightail to Japan and visit an onsen. And after a nice, hot, delicious bath, it's time for some scrumptious hot pot and beers!!!! >=] Nom nom nom~~~ I wish the weather would get cooler already so I can have hot pot parties. *sigh*... 'Tis the unfairness of life and its 110+ degrees heat......

Comic Lily vol.1 - the Dreaming Flowers and Butterflies

1200px : MF MU
1600px : MF MU

Raws : Cranky Cat Lady
Translator : Cranky Translator Slave
PR : more Cranky Proofreader Slave
Editor : another Cranky Editor Slave
QC : So umm... Am I the only non-cranky... Actually I'm pretty cranky cause it's lunch time and I don't have food in my fridge. :'(

At last, the final chapter to volume 1 of Comic Lily. Can I get a few celebratory cheers, chicken tenders and those party poppers? I hope everyone enjoyed volume 1 of Comic Lily. Granted some of the stories were kinda que paso?! But eeh, some stories wasn't too bad. Maybe we should stick to Yuri Hime and Tsubomi. Hrrmm....

Also guys, I seem to be having problems with Mediafire and Megaupload going Tsun Tsun on me so please report any link(s) that is/are being fickle.

And a random question of the day: What is your favorite food that you will never get tired of eating every day or every other day or every 2-3 days? This is important because if you say one of my favorite foods, it means that we are MEANT TO BE!!! Haha just kidding. But I'm curious as to what my readers' favorite dish(es) are. So fire away my pretties. =D

Monday, September 6, 2010

What, I'm not gay!! I'm ECSTATIC!!! ='D

Oh man, we have boOoObieEeEs~~ Hubba hubba. I love boobs. They're so squishy and soft... Like marshmallow, but better. *squeals like a fangirl*

*edit* All links for Otome and Amnesian are now working. Please report should any of the links go Tsun Tsun on me. =\

Otome Senshi Lovely 5! ch06 - Joint with Kidneys

Raws + PR + QC + trying to be cool = Scanner Whore
Translator + Editor = Kidneys

Only one chapter left and we'll be done with the manga. No more marshmallow boobies. Tis muy sad ya know? :'(

Please be sure to thank Kidneys for her awesome translating and editing. And also thanks Scanner Whore, i.e. Audio Erotica, for working 3 positions.

And finally, after months of waiting, Amnesian chap08 is here - Joint with Sachiko

Raws : Scanner Whore
Translator : Javi and Onikun
PR : Hitsuji-san
Editor : Sachiko
QC : Mint, Scanner Whore, Melly and Lele

<-that position is hot~~ :'3

Please be sure to thank editor goddess Sachiko-san for her awesome help at her blog.

Perhaps it's me but I think Chikane's boobs get bigger with each passing chapter, kinda like Creo from Gurenki. Not that I mind 'cause ya know. =D

Everyone in Tsundere Translations would like to thank all the editors for their efforts in editing Amnesian: Tasha, Shaldra, Monkey, Bkot, Ryoko, Editorfaq, and Gracie. If I am forgetting anyone, I do apologize and please let me know so I will be able to give you proper credit. :]

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More releases from the Crazy Cat Lady!

Here is Chapter 2 of Morinaga Milk’s Mare along with a version 2 for chapter 1 containing a few changes for consistency.

Mare Chapter 1 v2
1200px : MF MU

Mare Chapter 2
1200px : MF MU

Raws : Anonymous/Internet
Translator : Audio Erotica
PR : Hitsuji-san
Editor : Tri
QC: Everyone

One thing that I should probably point out is that the main character Mare (Mea) is called Mare by everyone but the kana used by the demons she interacts with is a different spelling from the kana used when her classmates and teachers call her. After debating on changing Mea to Mare we are keeping Mare as the name used when we see the Katakana spelling (メア) and Mea with the Kanji spelling (芽亜).

As usual, editors are needed. Amnesian chapters 8, 9, 10 and 11 are currently being worked on and we still do not know when they will be done. Well all hope it will be soon!

If anyone wants to spend some money on delicious yuri porn, Mangaoh finally has the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo OVA as well as the new doujinshi novel and 3rd game reissue for international sale!!! Plus, if you order a copy of my personal favorite manga Shrimp Mayo from them you get a cute little post card of Ebisu-san to Hotei-san!

*Lele's edit* Hungry... Needs food.... *tum tum growls*.... Mmm Shrimp Mayo. Hmm, I wonder how shrimp with mayo taste like. Hmm...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

When I say, "I'd hit that!!!" ...

You'd say, "Me too!!!" (with your index finger pointing out Phoenix Wright style).

Candy Boy Chapter 9
1200px : MF MU
1600px : MF MU

Raws : Crazy Cat Lady
Translator : Bitch Slave for Chibi Boss
PR : Hitsuji-san
Editor : Slivery
QC : Melly, Dashd-sh1

This release has a J-O-B with a show girl style~~
Your favorite big boobies swimmer twin is gonna be a Ganban Girl, a girl who attracts young men to her parents' shop, or in this case, Yukino is gonna be a show girl attracting hot young studs to her J-O-B. Talk about being scandalouuuuss. Daaaaang!!!

Btw, is it me or does Yukino have huge knockers for being a swimmer? Don't swimmers have small boobs because they gotta work out their pects and such? Aah, I feel like such a perverted old man talking about these kinda things.... Only I would notice this huh? *sigh*....

Alright peeps, here is the deal: if you come work for me and be my awesome slaves, I shall reward you. What kinda reward you ask? Well I ain't telling ya! You need to work for me first then I'll reward you. This is how positive reinforcement works!! You do the dirty work for me and not only does your favorite manga come out in a timely manner, but I'll be happy and you'll get goodies... maybe you'll get goodies. Who knows. I can just work ya to death and pay ya in peanuts. ;'D

So holllaaa at yO girl- lele (at) tsunderetranslations (dot) com!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Em muốn đi ăn Phở không?

Tenbin vol. 1 Omake
1200px : MF MU
1600px : MF MU

Raws : Scanner whore
Translator : Poo-Poo head
Editor : Tei Shinra (no, Shinra is not related to FF7)
QC : Dashd-sh1 and Melly

This release brings you 4Koma from Tenbin Omake. It has been a while since there is a Tenbin release huh? Sorry this isn't an actual chapter but Omake is always fun nevertheless. Do enjoy and don't forget to thank all my slaves who were involved in the project. They need loving and someone who appreciate their hard work... cause I sure as hell don't appreciate... Ah! Crap, I wasn't supposed to say that out loud........ ;'D

Have anyone ever woke up with a stomachache before? Yeah it's never fun. Totally ruin my sleep!! I guess this is a sign that tell me I should be nicer to my minions and not overwork them. B... But bossing them around is so much fun!! I don't care how many stomachaches I'm getting, I will never stop harassing my minions. >=]
So, if you wanna be boss around by me, please drop your death wish at lele (at) tsunderetranslations (dot) com. I'm gentle to newcomers. <3

Other than that, play lots, eat lots, sleep lots and enjoy your back-to-school shopping.